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SOUL POWER – Five Noble Truths for a Successful Life


Feelings of mediocrity or failure are all symptoms of false ego — a false identification with your outer shell, the material body.

SOUL POWER is here to set you free from the illusory shackles created by a mischievous mind. In this book, you will learn the five noble truths to understanding your inherent greatness and how to conquer all feelings of inadequacy.

Part of the challenge of incorporating a positive outlook on life is the need to first reprogram the mind to respond in a way that is beneficial to your desired goal. For too long, we have allowed our minds to be polluted by the selfish desires of corporations and their false advertising. As a result, we now find that corporate marketing messages have become an integral part of language and culture.

You have more power than you may realize!

The first step on the path of self-empowerment is to monitor the activities of our wayward minds. Take the time to observe your instinctive responses to information and the experiences that unfold around you and objectively decide if those responses are desirable or not. More than likely, they are not desirable and probably causing you unnecessary anguish and hardship.

When you make the effort to shut down the false programming inside your mind and any negative influences coming from the outside by repeatedly affirming your soul brilliance through soul affirmations, you will quickly discover just how enslaved you had allowed your true Self to become.

I promise you, the information in this book will transform your life!

SOUL POWER also includes unique affirmation yantras to aid in your meditation, all of which have been mathematically mapped to the most harmonious magic square of the Sun!

The 7 Maxims for Soul Happiness

Happiness is something we all crave for, whether in food, sex, entertainment, relationships, children, career, hobbies, or sleep. Happiness drives us, and indeed, it defines the quality of our life. One may have immense wealth, but if they are not happy, then mostly they have failed in life.

Without happiness, life loses its value. And with a decrease in satisfaction, we are witnessing an increase in suicide all over the world. In a world where mental and physical stimuli are in abundance, it seems inconceivable that anyone could be unhappy. Surely, everyone can find some form of happiness, but alas, many people fail and go through life sad and exasperated or hope against hope for some sliver of joy to miraculously appear over the horizon of their destiny.

Happiness is the nature of the spirit. The Vedanta-sutras states, Anandamayo ‘bhysat — “The soul is, by nature, full of joy.” However, due to misidentifying our true self with matter, we lose touch with this natural blissful state and identify with the pain and suffering of a physical form.

The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness will provide the key to unlock the door to a more blissful life.

FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul

Author Paul Rodney Turner, the “food yogi” takes you on a journey of rediscovering food and its importance in our spiritual evolution.

FOOD YOGA not only offers practical guidance on how to live a healthy and happy life by reconnecting with nature but also introduces the reader to the power of food as a uniter and a medium for expressing our love for the divine.

Food yoga springs from the belief that the kind of food we eat affects our consciousness and subsequent behaviors.

All the world’s great spiritual traditions have elaborate food offering rituals carefully designed to expand consciousness and all use food as a means to represent or please the Divine and to expand the consciousness of their followers.

Food yoga is, in essence, a discipline that honors all spiritual paths by embracing their core teaching – that food in its most pure form is divine and therefore an excellent medium for spiritual purification.


by Paul Rodney Turner, inventor of the Billiard Aim Trainer

THE YOGA OF POOL – Secrets to becoming a champion in billiards and in life
Paul Turner started playing pool in 1975 at the age of 12 on a 7-foot particleboard pool table in his family’s garage. Fascinated by the art and geometry of billiards, Paul studied the books of legendary snooker and billiard greats, Joe Davis, Walter Lindrum and Eddie Charlton. Soon after he became a fan of a new BBC series called Pot Black featuring a new breed of snooker professionals like Steve Davis and Jimmy White.
With a sense of optimism, Paul began practicing on 12-foot snooker tables for 4 hours daily, meticulously going through drill after drill to perfect his game. He had hopes of one day becoming a professional snooker player, but then in 1983, as if being called for a higher purpose, Paul put away his snooker cue and traveled East to study the ancient mystical teachings of India. It is that experience that Paul now draws on when explaining more subtle aspects of billiards, like mind management, self-confidence, and gamesmanship.
Join Paul on a journey of championship level billiards and self-discovery as he reveals essential ingredients of what makes a great pool player and a great human being.


by Paul Rodney Turner, inventor of the Billiard Aim Trainer
The World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards teaches the legendary 3-cut system of aiming popularized in snooker and used by the greatest billiards players in the world. The book breaks down the essential elements of the system into an easy to understand the science that can be applied immediately while playing any kind of billiards. The 3-cut system is based on geometry so it is the most reliable and accurate aiming system available. Get this book and start pocketing balls like never before! Your friends will be amazed.