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My poems

POEM – The wisdom and love of a mother

Mothers are like rock candy — please let me explain, They’re soft inside, even though they sometimes complain… About your dirty socks — lying all around the floor, They’ll collect them diligently — even the ones behind the door. Despite your sad failings — and your less than ideal ways, Your mother loves you unconditionally…

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A poem for Bhimal — a blessed birth

You were conceived in Nepal — in room 433 At exactly 3:44 am — it was mangal arati. An auspicious time — Lord Brahma’s divine hour,  We prayed for a yogi of considerable power… A devotee of God — a servant and sage, Someone that could do wonders in this dreaded iron age. We chanted…

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Happy Anniversary Juliana – POEM

On the occasion of our first wedding anniversary (November 22) My dearest Juliana, I can hardly believe — a whole year has past, like a lightening rod — it went so fast,  You captured my heart — in the blink of an eye,  As the clouds parted — revealing a starry sky. And when a…

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A poem for Dana – the Rebel with a heart.

There’s a young maiden called Dana — with Latin origins like Santana,  Who turns 18, on this very day! She is shy to the bone — and happy to be alone,  But if you called her, she’d say, “hey” Walking by your side — with a confident stride, She dances with music in her ears,  A…

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Complete Welfare – POEM

NOTE: I wrote this poem when I was a monk to capture and explain the essence of what Food for Life was. Yes, I have been with the charity a long time, beginning in 1983. A Vaisnava’s compassion knows no limit, it is said, “Oceanic and sweet—distinguished as gold, not lead. Such compassion you’ll not find in…

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So today it’s my birthday – POEM

(Sung to the tune of John Lennon’s, “So, this is Christmas“)  So, today it’s my birthday, So what can I do? I’m now one year older…and I want to boohoo, But it’s time to be happy, A time to rejoice, A day to remember…that I have a voice, To express my opinions, To say what…

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Let’s cut to the chase on why there is Animal Abuse

Today I was asked by an 11th-grade student the following: I am currently taking part in doing the Research Project for my school and would like to know if you would be interested in answering the following questions for my research. It is based on animal rights and my question is “should it be illegal…

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Trekking through the Himalayas (POEM)

On Day 1 we gathered — at an eco-hotel, Excited and hopeful — that all would go well, Sincere seekers of truth, with hearts filled with love, We prayed the Gods would bless us from those mighty peaks above. On Day 2 we felt grounded — as we embraced Mother Earth, Appreciating her artistry in…

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Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity (POEM)

Juliana with her beloved “Yogi” the dog Juliana, Juliana, your heart and eyes shine bright, as your ginger-tinged hair lights up the darkest of nights, Juliana, Juliana, your desires are passionate and bold, and for some uncanny reason, you never grow old.  Juliana, Juliana, I am blessed to hold your hand,  of one fine damsel…

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Nityananda, Nityananda, can you pick up the phone? (POEM)

Nityananda Nityananda, your love knows no bounds, Nityananda Nityananda, you chant the holiest of sounds, Nityananda Nityananda, ever since I called out your name, my dry and boring life has never be the same. Nityananda Nityananda, can you pick up the phone? This lowly traveller wants to get back in the zone Of higher consciousness…

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