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Adventures while traveling

When angels visit you – a true story of how we planned our baby

Soon after we were married in November 2014, my wife Juliana and I decided to have a baby in 2015. We planned to conceive the soul during our visit to Nepal in April, considering that high up in the sacred Himalayas would be a good place to attract a pious soul to her womb. The…

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Traveling is not all Pina Coladas and Chocolate

October 16, 2013 – travel diary in Brazil. My hosts in Brasilia had to work on the day I was to fly out so they left me on my own in their apartment. It was very kind of them and they were really nice hosts, however, I soon realized that I was on my own…

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When you know Angels have your back

Dionne Big thumbs up to Delta Airways customer service reps at JFK, Dionne, and Omar. I am on my flight to Slovenia, via Paris. Here is what happened. To start with, the taxi from New Jersey to JFK too way longer than I anticipated (2 hours) and then the driver dropped me off at the…

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Trekking through the Himalayas (POEM)

On Day 1 we gathered — at an eco-hotel, Excited and hopeful — that all would go well, Sincere seekers of truth, with hearts filled with love, We prayed the Gods would bless us from those mighty peaks above. On Day 2 we felt grounded — as we embraced Mother Earth, Appreciating her artistry in…

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Catching up with the Walking Monk

It was so nice meeting up with the Walking Monk, Bhaktimarg Swami during our visit to Orlando and it was serendipitous as well for wife Juliana and I are launching a new product called the “Walking meditator.” (Launching soon). The swami wrote about our meeting on his blog: I have known the Swami for over…

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12 day Nepal Adventure with the Food Yogi April 3 – 14

Join the Food Yogi for this exclusive trek in Nepal in 2015 I have teamed up with Bohemian tours to put on an exciting trek in Nepal. I have traveled to 65 countries in the last 30 years and have seen so many amazing places and had so many life-changing experiences, including: visiting three war zones,…

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6 Day Food Yoga Retreat in Brazil

Join director of Food for Life and “food yogi,” Paul Rodney Turner for a 6 day food yoga retreat in the spectacular Dharma Shala Eco Retreat in Brazil. The ultimate goal of the retreat is to inspire you to live your life more consciously and to make food choices and your relationship with food more…

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We cooked a vegan lunch for the president of Uruguay

The idea of cooking a vegan lunch for the President of Uruguay was something I immediately thought about after my partner Juliana told me about Jose “Pepe” Mujica. She was like a little girl when describing this amazing man. She then showed me youtube videos and translated speeches he had given at the United Nations…

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My journey with Food for Life – A summary of 30 years of service

I could hardly imagine Food for Life being so successful when I first became a volunteer way back in 1984. Back then, I worked as an assistant cook and server at a free food cafe called, Gopals in Parramatta, Australia. That was one of the first free food cafes set up by the Hare Krishna…

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Travel Diary of a Food Yogi – March 11 – 20

March 11 Monday Trincomalee, Sri Lanka The resort is really peaceful and pleasant. Slept long and peaceful. Rose at 5.30am to greet the sun on the beach. I did my morning warrior yoga routine and dipped in the warm Atlantic pacific ocean. The water is like a warm bath. Just lovely to swim in.  While…

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