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Sleep Paralysis – Why does it happen and what is it?

This is an excerpt from my latest book that was just published by Balboa Press, The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness – How to Unleash Your Inner Bliss, available in all major book stores. I first learned about sleep paralysis when I was experimenting with astral projection. I was 16 at the time, and the…

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I AM PROSPEROUS – One of the five noble truths

I AM PROSPEROUS The Law of Attraction Thoughts are things that permeate and feed the creation of the world around us. An apparent Law of Attraction seems to underlie every single action and reaction in this universe. As you think, you are literally laying down the building blocks of your reality. A person with an…

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Old Age is a Clue to Understanding Our Real Nature as Eternal Souls

You and I and every living thing are eternal souls having physical experiences. With age, comes a clear awareness that although our bodies age, we remain the same within — the same bright-eyed child — who believed in miracles and the impossible, until we got conditioned by the ugly machine of consumerism and lost our…

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When angels visit you – a true story of how we planned our baby

Soon after we were married in November 2014, my wife Juliana and I decided to have a baby in 2015. We planned to conceive the soul during our visit to Nepal in April, considering that high up in the sacred Himalayas would be a good place to attract a pious soul to her womb. The…

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I was Hugged by a Saint

I had not seen Radhanath Swami since the time I was living in New York in 2010. He has always been very kind to me and even back then when I was probably at my lowest point in life, he extended his compassionate hand to me. At that time I had decided to deconstuct everything…

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Now 2014 is over what can we expect of 2015

Every year has a flavour or lesson to teach and 2014 was a classic 7 year for most people — a year of loss, sacrifice, selfless service, contemplation and soul searching. For many it was a down year — a year to reflect on the blessings of the things and people we lost and a…

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Geometric Signatures and how to use them

This is the geometric signature (soul yantra) of the words, “Merry Christmas” based on the numerology of each of the letters and mapped to a magic square. Someone mentioned it looked like a poinsettia flower. I have found some very revealing geometries when I map a person’s name or a statement and typically the people whom I…

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What do Your Numbers Say About You?

My numerology services are unique in the market in that I bring a spiritual perspective to my readings, having been a monk for 14 years from age 19 – 33 with intense study and meditation on the divinity of numbers. My principle realization is that God — the divine force that permeates this world and…

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12 day Nepal Adventure with the Food Yogi April 3 – 14

Join the Food Yogi for this exclusive trek in Nepal in 2015 I have teamed up with Bohemian tours to put on an exciting trek in Nepal. I have traveled to 65 countries in the last 30 years and have seen so many amazing places and had so many life-changing experiences, including: visiting three war zones,…

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DOWNLOAD a FREE Sri Yantra Wallpaper for your Desktop

The Sri Yantra is the most powerful and most popular of all Yantras known to man. Essentially, it represents the divine masculine and the divine feminine in one beautiful and harmonious geometric pattern. The upright triangles represent Shiva (Masculine) and the downward triangles represent Shakti (Feminine). The marriage of these two symbols perfectly placed to create geometric…

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