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Not all Lions Are Created Equal

As I alluded to in my book, The YOGA of POOL, spiritedness is something that comes naturally to the lion and so we commonly hear an alpha male’s heart is compared to that of a lion. However, not all lions are created equal and establishing that superiority is what creates balance and order in a…

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SOUL POWER Book Trailer

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I AM PROSPEROUS – One of the five noble truths

I AM PROSPEROUS The Law of Attraction Thoughts are things that permeate and feed the creation of the world around us. An apparent Law of Attraction seems to underlie every single action and reaction in this universe. As you think, you are literally laying down the building blocks of your reality. A person with an…

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Blockchain Explained – What is all the hype about?

Breaking through all the political and Hollywood gossip these days is a thing called Blockchain. But what is it exactly and why all the fuss? I will try to dumb it down here in this little note so that you get the picture loud and clear and stop scrolling past all those blockchain news feeds.…

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The Danger of Celibacy When Done Incorrectly

When I was 19, I became a celibate monk Brahmachari and I remained celibate for the next 14 years. Looking back, I am proud and astonished that I managed to maintain that vow considering all the challenges and temptations I had back then. Young girls would intentionally or unintentionally tempt me and I had to…

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What can we learn from the MeToo Campaign?

The Harvey Weinstein fiasco is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to depravity in Hollywood and the power structures that rule this world. The maxim: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” could not be more pertinent right now. The #MeToo hashtag campaign trending on social media is focusing on the exploitation of…

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How Can I Master the Mind and Achieve My Goals

So how do you break free of all the mental shackles that hold you back in life? Recently I realized that I didn’t have to put in hours or even years trying to solve this dilemma. I didn’t have to interpret dreams, read endless books on self-improvement, make vision boards, or even pay for expensive…

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What is the best internet marketing program?

I am almost hesitant to share this, but in the interest of making money, which all of us want to do, I believe I’ve found the veritable goldmine for budding internet marketers. We’ve all seen ads on Facebook and marketing emails about the latest and greatest program to make money online. Heck, I have watched…

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When angels visit you – a true story of how we planned our baby

Soon after we were married in November 2014, my wife Juliana and I decided to have a baby in 2015. We planned to conceive the soul during our visit to Nepal in April, considering that high up in the sacred Himalayas would be a good place to attract a pious soul to her womb. The…

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Why do some vegans hate children?

The title of this blog is somewhat cutting, but I do qualify it by saying “some”. Certainly, not all vegans or partners without human children hate children. But sadly, there are some vegans that do actually hate children. Considering the fundamental reason for being a vegan is to respect all life, I find it incredibly odd…

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