Miss A missed the point

There is this so-called DC Diva who calls herself “Miss A.” (aka) Andrea Rodgers who claims to be a Dating and Relationship Expert. She is also a Columnist for HealthCentral Network’s SexualHealthConnection.com. Her list of accomplishments, notoriety and compassion for the needy is boldly stated on her “About” page. The page shows a picture of Miss A holding a cute dog (above), presumably hers, smiling and looking all clean and angelic.

Ok, so you get the picture: She seems like a nice enough person. Only when you dig a little deeper it’s not all rosey. At least that is my experience.

Here is what happened when I recently corresponded with Miss A.

Andrea and I had become friends on Facebook. I had noted her popularity and how connected she was in the DC social scene, so I thought I needed to get on her friend list for the sake of my charity.

Recently I wrote to her and asked if she could help promote a fundraising event for Food for Life, called Fashion for Compassion. More on this later, but basically we’re talking about a fashion show to benefit Food for Life.

Miss A agreed to help in some way. I then ask her if she knows of a good venue in DC where we could hold this fashion show. She writes back and suggests the Lotus lounge on K street. So a few days later, we meet at the Lotus lounge and I give my presentation to the owners while Miss A listens on. Everything goes well as I explain in more detail about the event and make a point to tell them that all the food served must be vegan.

The meeting ends and everything seems good. I now just have to see what special deal the Lotus lounge can offer us, and my hope is that by having Miss A there it will help to get us the best deal possible.

By this time, Miss A had already agreed to be on the host committee in exchange for two free tickets at the event. I really didn’t expect her to do anything else but help get the word out about the event through her large network.

Later after our meeting at the Lotus Lounge, I write to Miss A to thank her for arranging the meeting and trying to help us. Here is the exchange:


Please let me know what you need. Sara [Event Coordinator] will be in touch soon.

– P


Andrea Rodgers
December 18 at 1:41am

Yeah, I’m just not sure if this is a fit for me. I love fur and meat! LOL


December 18 at 3:07am
Well, but I am sure you also like to see children getting fed healthy meals. That is what our charity does. This event is not about criticizing anyone or any company, but all about promoting what is best for the planet while at the same time raising awareness of Food for Life and our feeding programs and eco projects. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Andrea Rodgers
December 18 at 9:22am

Well, so far I don’t think it fits my “brand”, so I think I’m out.

December 18 at 10:52am
I don’t understand. Can you maybe wait till you talk to Sara?
December 18 at 11:57am
We are talking about feeding children and preserving the environment here. What is not to like? It is a summer fashion show, so fur is not going to be on anyone’s mind in any case.
Andrea Rodgers
December 18 at 12:31pm

Yeah, but i’m not interested.

Today at 12:03am
I am appalled by your attitude.


As you can see from this very simple, but telling exchange, Miss A, for all her so-called goodness, is really more interested in her “brand” than anything else. Make your own mind up about her attitude here. She had already agreed to be on the host committee but then for no reason other than she liked “fur and meat LOL” she drops out.

I wanted say much more in the last email than “I am appalled by your attitude,” but I hesitated. The whole exchanged has been eating at me and I just felt impelled to share it with others.

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