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People that I have lost

A Eulogy to my Mother Alison May Turner

I stand before you tonight as a man deeply humbled by the grace and unconditional love of my mother, Alison May Turner and am heartbroken by her passing. As a boy, my mother was everything to me, my best friend and my greatest cheerleader. She loved me unconditionally like you’d expect a mother to do.…

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POEM – The wisdom and love of a mother

Mothers are like rock candy — please let me explain, They’re soft inside, even though they sometimes complain… About your dirty socks — lying all around the floor, They’ll collect them diligently — even the ones behind the door. Despite your sad failings — and your less than ideal ways, Your mother loves you unconditionally…

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Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity (POEM)

Juliana with her beloved “Yogi” the dog Juliana, Juliana, your heart and eyes shine bright, as your ginger-tinged hair lights up the darkest of nights, Juliana, Juliana, your desires are passionate and bold, and for some uncanny reason, you never grow old.  Juliana, Juliana, I am blessed to hold your hand,  of one fine damsel…

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Nelson Mandela — The passing of a great friend and hero to the world

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) was a great supporter and believer in what Food for Life stood for. He made the above statement at a gathering of 40,000 school children who were invited by Food for Life to a public picnic in Durban. Mr. Mandela was the honourable guest. He later told his colleagues that…

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My Father – Rodney John Turner

Fairfax, Virginia USA A eulogy to my father, Rodney John Turner, on the occasion of his funeral, May 15, 2001 (first time published) Mum and Dad 1960 My dear family and friends, First I would sincerely like to thank you all for coming today to pay your last respects to my father, Rodney Turner. It is…

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Jim Young – The Lion Cub (POEM)

(Alan “Jim” Young) aka Nrsimhadeva Das The lion cub, he cuddled, and lived a song, of immense compassion — when things went wrong. Ready to pounce and hug you tight, and hear the dramas of your sorry plight. I remember fondly in 1984, when I first heard your name from the Sankirtan Scores. A roar…

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A prayer to Little William (POEM)

Little William, Little William, The little man of iron. Although cloaked as a boy, Your heart roared like a lion Your demeanor so cute, and yet your presence so tall. One could only wonder, where you got such balls!? Challenging anyone, who came your way. With a stiff upper lip, You demanded they pay. Walking…

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The passing of my dear friend Ury Seltzer (1950-2009)

Ury Seltzer (left) with Priya at the 2007 Green Festival My dear Ury, You were a good friend to me and countless others. You were there for me when I was at my lowest point. You helped me move Food for Life Global along and I can honestly say that your input and assistance were…

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