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Natural cures I like

What you can do if you start showing symptoms of the Coronavirus

As I have written about many times on LinkedIn and my social media, no living thing is useless, every weed, herb, plant, and animal has a purpose — service to perform for the entire ecosystem. We are all interdependent beings and the more we can see our interconnectedness the happier and healthier we will be.…

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The Danger of Celibacy When Done Incorrectly

When I was 19, I became a celibate monk Brahmachari and I remained celibate for the next 14 years. Looking back, I am proud and astonished that I managed to maintain that vow considering all the challenges and temptations I had back then. Young girls would intentionally or unintentionally tempt me and I had to…

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How to make your own natural vegan toothpaste at home

The warning label appears on all major toothpaste brands! For strong teeth and an irresistible smile, we need to keep our mouth free of bacteria and brush after every meal. However, the most important thing is to stay away from toxic substances contained in most toothpaste, especially fluoride. Over 95% of the toothpaste sold in…

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What is the best way to destress? It’s not cannabis or any kind of drug

We all feel stress at some point. It’s inevitable in the fast-paced world we inhabit. Stress relief is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone seems to have an answer. I am not here to sell you on the latest solution but rather present to you something you’ve probably never even heard about but which has a…

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How Can I Master the Mind and Achieve My Goals

So how do you break free of all the mental shackles that hold you back in life? Recently I realized that I didn’t have to put in hours or even years trying to solve this dilemma. I didn’t have to interpret dreams, read endless books on self-improvement, make vision boards, or even pay for expensive…

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How to eliminate kidney stones naturally and easily

So, you’ve felt the excruciating pain of a kidney stone? Or you’ve heard about it and want to avoid one? Well, I can tell you honestly, there is a simple and effective way to treat and avoid kidney stones that can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of inconvenience. But before I get to…

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The Stain on the Vegan Diet – B12 deficiency. The Solution may Surprise you.

[Updated July 2015 from an original post in April 2014] Bullshit! Yes, actually that’s it. Well, that and cow shit usually referred to as cow dung. You see, despite the obvious merit of choosing to be a vegan, which essentially means avoiding all foods, clothing and products that are the result of animal suffering; and…

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