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Vegan recipes I created

WIN a FREE SCHOLARSHIP at the Food Yoga Academy

Win a Free Scholarship

I am offering a FREE scholarship at the Food Yoga Academy. All you have to do is take a quick survey that you can complete in less than 2-minutes! And that’s it. You will be in the running to get full access to the Food Yogi level 1 Certification course. This is the introductory course for food yoga and it…

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How to make your own natural vegan toothpaste at home

The warning label appears on all major toothpaste brands! For strong teeth and an irresistible smile, we need to keep our mouth free of bacteria and brush after every meal. However, the most important thing is to stay away from toxic substances contained in most toothpaste, especially fluoride. Over 95% of the toothpaste sold in…

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Vegan KFC drumstick recipe (Krishna-Feel’n Crispies)

When I was a monk, one of the favorite things we looked forward to were the cauliflower pakoras at the weekly Sunday feast. Pakoras are a traditional part of North Indian cuisine and are deep fried battered vegetables, usually cauliflower, onions, peppers, or potatoes. The North America (non-veg) equivalent of pakoras is “Buffalo wings” and…

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How to make a healthy snack bar for your children

As parents, we cringe sometimes when our kids ask us for a particular snack bar that we know is not really as healthy as advertised. In fact, this is the case for the majority of health bars in the supermarket. Most are filled with artificial flavors, corn starch or fake fruits. So how do you make…

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Personal Pizzas with Rosemary Marinara & Cashew PineNut Cheese
 by Jonny Freesh

Jonny Freesh My good buddy Jonny Freesh has delivered a fantastic new raw food recipe book for those wanting to take their raw food experience to the next level. I have worked closely with Jonny during my visit to Bali last year and got to see his expertise first hand as we shared recipes and…

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