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The science of numerology

You and I are Powerful Like the Universe

It is imperative that you understand the power that is within you. I am not talking about your physical strength or even your mental powers, but rather the essence of your being — you as a spirit soul. This thing we call ‘soul’ is beyond the perception of the mundane senses or the tools of…

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New Book: The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness

Unlock the keys to a more fulfilling life with help from ‘The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness’ New book by Paul Rodney Turner teaches readers how to unleash their inner bliss GAITHERSBURG, Md. – According to former monk and the “Food Yogi” Paul Rodney Turner, the state of happiness is in trouble; with many unable…

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2016 is over — Welcome 2017 — the rise of the citizen journalist

2016 has got to go down as one of the craziest years of our times. Instead of regurgitating all that was wrong with 2016, I will highlight just a couple of things and then look at the positives and how this is tied to the numerology of the year. One thing that stood out to…

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A poem for Bhimal — a blessed birth

You were conceived in Nepal — in room 433 At exactly 3:44 am — it was mangal arati. An auspicious time — Lord Brahma’s divine hour,  We prayed for a yogi of considerable power… A devotee of God — a servant and sage, Someone that could do wonders in this dreaded iron age. We chanted…

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Now 2014 is over what can we expect of 2015

Every year has a flavour or lesson to teach and 2014 was a classic 7 year for most people — a year of loss, sacrifice, selfless service, contemplation and soul searching. For many it was a down year — a year to reflect on the blessings of the things and people we lost and a…

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Geometric Signatures and how to use them

This is the geometric signature (soul yantra) of the words, “Merry Christmas” based on the numerology of each of the letters and mapped to a magic square. Someone mentioned it looked like a poinsettia flower. I have found some very revealing geometries when I map a person’s name or a statement and typically the people whom I…

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What do Your Numbers Say About You?

My numerology services are unique in the market in that I bring a spiritual perspective to my readings, having been a monk for 14 years from age 19 – 33 with intense study and meditation on the divinity of numbers. My principle realization is that God — the divine force that permeates this world and…

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DOWNLOAD a FREE Sri Yantra Wallpaper for your Desktop

The Sri Yantra is the most powerful and most popular of all Yantras known to man. Essentially, it represents the divine masculine and the divine feminine in one beautiful and harmonious geometric pattern. The upright triangles represent Shiva (Masculine) and the downward triangles represent Shakti (Feminine). The marriage of these two symbols perfectly placed to create geometric…

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The Phi of the Maha Mantra

Energy In — Energy Out, “Forbidden fruit” is what it’s all about, Cloaked in a Torus — it reveals its heart, When cut horizontally and two sides set apart. The apple’s seeds — form a perfect Pent, Proportionate to Phi or the Golden Measurement, The signature expression of nature and time, Efficiency of form for…

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