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What is the best way to destress? It’s not cannabis or any kind of drug

We all feel stress at some point. It’s inevitable in the fast-paced world we inhabit. Stress relief is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone seems to have an answer. I am not here to sell you on the latest solution but rather present to you something you’ve probably never even heard about but which has a…

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Karma is a bull when there is an unfair fight

As a follow-up to my last blog article about fighting, there is one so-called “sport” that stands out amongst all others as the dumbest, most barbaric, ego-centric display of brutality — bullfighting. This cruel spectacle of blood and gore continues to flourish in Spain, Colombia and other countries. It is presented as a contest of conviction…

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Why are people afraid to donate even one dollar?

I have been running charities since 1989 when I registered by my first non-profit in Australia, called Hare Krishna Food for Life Hunter Valley. Back then I was a monk and while full of enthusiasm, I had much to learn when it came to donor relations. You can’t just expect people to give without asking…

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Perla the piglet was thrown in the trash bin and left to die

Perla was found in a trash bin and brought to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia. She had a broken leg, but with a little love and care, she is recovering and has been given a second chance. To support the work of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, visit: Or support our new crowdfunding campaign at

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Pola the freedom-fighting pig gets a 2nd Chance at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Pola, the “freedom-fighting pig” is the newest member of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary — the only sanctuary in Colombia. For the last 8 years, Pola was living in utter filth, amongst 180 uncaged hungry dogs who constantly harassed her and sometimes tried to tear pieces of flesh from her body. Sadly, they did eat her tail…

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The Stain on the Vegan Diet – B12 deficiency. The Solution may Surprise you.

[Updated July 2015 from an original post in April 2014] Bullshit! Yes, actually that’s it. Well, that and cow shit usually referred to as cow dung. You see, despite the obvious merit of choosing to be a vegan, which essentially means avoiding all foods, clothing and products that are the result of animal suffering; and…

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Is Ahimsa Dairy really non-violent?

A while back I was alerted to the fact that the standards of the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation in the United Kingdom was far from non-violent and in fact was supporting practices that were very much violent towards innocent cows. I, like many consumers in the UK, were under the impression that Ahimsa milk was produced…

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The Teachings of Saint Francis are alive and well in Colombia!

Source: Food for Life Global There are basically two distinct schools of Christian thought: The Aristotelian-Thomistic school and the Augustinian-Franciscan school. The Aristotelian-Thomistic school teaches that animals are here for our pleasure—they have no independent purpose.  We can eat them; torture them in laboratories – whatever we feel is necessary for our survival. Most modern…

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An Animal Sanctuary that touches the core of what Saint Francis of Assisi taught

I rarely endorse projects that are not my own, so this is one I fully believe in and think is well worthy of support. Check out their web site: And their IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign:

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Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity (POEM)

Juliana with her beloved “Yogi” the dog Juliana, Juliana, your heart and eyes shine bright, as your ginger-tinged hair lights up the darkest of nights, Juliana, Juliana, your desires are passionate and bold, and for some uncanny reason, you never grow old.  Juliana, Juliana, I am blessed to hold your hand,  of one fine damsel…

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