Jim Young – The Lion Cub (POEM)

(Alan “Jim” Young) aka Nrsimhadeva Das

The lion cub, he cuddled, and lived a song,
of immense compassion — when things went wrong.
Ready to pounce and hug you tight,
and hear the dramas of your sorry plight.
I remember fondly in 1984,
when I first heard your name from the Sankirtan Scores.
A roar went up as they called your name, 
and I wondered: “Who was that boy with all the fame?”
Well, it turns out he wasn’t a rockstar,
just a jolly o’l bloke who’d come from the bar,
after a game of footy and a life gone wild,
he was now shaved and clean — Nrsimhadeva’s child!

A Saint Kilda fan — through and through,
and yet always devoted to the Boy in blue.
He lived his life like a man possessed,
by guru, footy and any food that was blessed! :0

He honoured that name — throughout his life, 
calling on the Lord whenever he was in strife.
Standing strong like a lion when the need called, 
yet offering a cuddle if you happened to fall. 
Nrsimhadeva Das — you are a lovely soul, 
Someone I’ll remember until I’m very old.
You’ll always be my mate and mentor wise,
thank you for reminding me that nobody dies.
For you’ll live on — good and strong, 
your memory fixed in my heart’s song.
For whenever I praise the Lion Avatar,
fond thoughts of you will not be far.
Your spiritual brother, Priyavrata Das

(c) 2012 Paul Rodney Turner

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Alan James Young (aka Nrsimhadeva das) passed away on March 17, 2012 in the company of friends and family. 

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