Cherry Venus Goddess Delights (POEM)

There was a young maiden called Keeta, 
whose legendary kindness made you want to meet her. 
She would melt you with her grin, as you knew she’d always win, 
for it was impossible to ever defeat her!
Whether researching herbal fusions, or dispelling all illusion, 
her magical ways would lighten all hearts. 
As she danced through the room, waving her wise wooden spoon, 
she would unite all apparent disparate parts. 
A healer incompared, was that girl with the golden hair,
an angel in human disguise.
Blessing food with her love, as the angels looked from above,
her eyes would tell stories so wise…
Of a long forgotten time, when life was a cherished rhyme 
— a tapestry of love and light, 
When men acted with dignity, and all maidens behaved lovingly, 
and every soul savoured the delight…
of loving each other, with unconditional fervor, 
as the “chocolate” of joy spread to all nations,
and every soul was blessed, by an intention that caressed, 
and beautifully captured in culinary creations.
It was that wonderful girl, with the golden curls,
who would inspire humankind to embrace, 
the oneness of all souls, thus bringing all flavours into the fold, 
of a chocolate infusion of divine grace.
Even the smell of her lovelies, would make legs go wobbly,
what to speak of the amazing taste! 
O’ how fortunate were those, who experienced the “prose,”
of the saffron-scented chocolate paste…
That was gayly spread upon, wafers scented with cinnamon,
that gently cradled vegan marshmallow. 
One’s mind would have fits, as the tongue lavished ever bit, 
but then had to surrender to the final swallow.
Indeed, Willy Wonka would be shamed, by the girl with the golden mane — 
her creations were simply divine. 
For they not only brought joy, to the cute cowherd boy, 
but saved the souls of men so swine.
For if I may be so bold, her chocs nourished the soul,
bringing complete satisfaction to all. 
These were not ordinary sweets, the ones you buy down the street, 
her chocs resonated with a clarion call:
To: “Wake up sleeping souls, your days are getting old,
understand your eternal divine light. 
Don’t waste time eating “Cadbury,” when you can experience the ecstasy, 
of the Cherry Venus Goddess Delights!

(c) 2012 Paul Rodney Turner

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