Geometric Signatures and how to use them

This is the geometric signature (soul yantra) of the words, “Merry Christmas” based on the numerology of each of the letters and mapped to a magic square. Someone mentioned it looked like a poinsettia flower. I have found some very revealing geometries when I map a person’s name or a statement and typically the people whom I create their soul yantra will be able to identify with the geometry and the colours I choose.

Take for example this one of Lady Diana Spencer, to me it looks rather royal and like some crown jewel.

Or this one of the world famous spiritual guide and author Deepak Chopra. It looks rather mystical and I coloured his geometric signature according to his principle planetary influences, Saturn and the Sun.

And this is the soul yantra of Nassim Haramein His name and birthday mapped to a magic square of the sun and colours according to his numerology.

How about John Oko Lennon, his soul yantra has pink as the main colour because Venus is very strong for him. 

How to use a Geometric Signature (Soul Yantra)

According to the Vedas, a Yantra  is a medium through which the invisible forces of energy can act on an individual. Yantras are typically used to summon the power of God or protective angel.

Like the traditional Magic Sigils, Yantras and Talismans, a Soul Yantra is based on the sciences of numerology, magic squares, geometry, geomancy and astrology. However, in this case, the encoded data is not a call to God or some Archangel, but is representative of you and your life purpose.

By mapping your name and date of birth to a powerful and harmonious magic square, and then colouring the resulting geometry according to your astrological influences, the unique geometric pattern becomes your Soul (personal) Yantra. In the same way that numerology can encode a person’s character, aptitudes and life’s lessons in numbers, a person’s Soul Yantra can do so through geometry. Your Soul Yantra literally captures your essence in a harmonic geometric pattern—it is essentially your inner spirit and karma captured in art.

By meditating on your soul yantra, you are bringing the life lessons resonating within your name and birthday into your subconscious mind. You can hang your soul yantra above your bed, in your office or wear it as jewelry or  on clothing. You may also wish to use your soul yantra in spiritual rituals as a medium to represent your higher self.  Use your Soul
Yantra as a personal seal or as part of your logo.

Your Soul Yantra is as unique as you are!

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