Old Age is a Clue to Understanding Our Real Nature as Eternal Souls

You and I and every living thing are eternal souls having physical experiences. With age, comes a clear awareness that although our bodies age, we remain the same within — the same bright-eyed child — who believed in miracles and the impossible, until we got conditioned by the ugly machine of consumerism and lost our sense of wonder and hope. But with age, we once again take up contemplation and start to see through the veil of false ego and embrace our inner youth.

The elderly are a tremendous asset to a progressive society but sadly we have all been brainwashed to measure a person’s value in terms of their external productivity and not their immense wisdom.

We are eternally youthful and after this body ceases to be a useful vehicle for us (as souls), we transmigrate to another form as we continue to evolve in spiritual awareness until such time we awaken to the fact that true happiness is found in unconditional loving service to God.

We are not masters. We are servants. Service is life. Service is what defines every living thing. We are interdependent beings. We serve each other. Serving is what brings happiness and the highest service is service to God.

The elderly serve us through imparting wisdom and sharing their experience. They serve us by keeping us on point as to what is truly important in life. Money and fame are only important and worthy if they serve to make the world a better place. The accumulation of wealth and fame are not the endgame. They are tools we can use to help others realize their full potential as souls. If our goal in life is not self-realization, we are sadly wasting our time. Old age is meant to give us a clue about the nature of material life — it is temporary — and yet we (the driver within) are not. When death comes, everything becomes clarified as we are once again stripped of everything that had previously defined us. We leave this world with nothing, just as we came. But what we do take is our wisdom. So the question is: How much of your day are you investing in spiritual wisdom?

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