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The Phi of the Maha Mantra

The Phi of the Maha Mantra

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  1. Anonymous

    As you can see, the speed of sound slows as elevation rises. I started noticing this little error because I am a physicist, already aware that sound tends towards higher speed with higher density of atoms. So that should give you an opportunity to make a correction. Also, you really need to indicate the proper location of the decimal point 3.38 needs a power of 10. I always enjoy the efforts of New age type people to connect to science. I just like to see it done as correctly as possible. Dividing by number of syllables probably has no meaning on a physical level as physical reality doesn't decode syllables as syllables or separate entities, at most, it could have a meaning on a psycho-physical level. I.e. where the the mind and the physical reality meet, because on the one side of the system (physical), the syllable means nothing, on the other side of the system, the speed of sound/light are non-issues (speed of light doesn't define the desired result of a logical operation in a computation machine) So, like I am trying to say is that the article is explicitly pointing at the duality of the physical/computational system of the mind and could only hold any meaning where the two distinct layers of processing share common ground. This would definitely have to be on a sub conscious level. Speed of sound in upper atmosphere has limited meaning to a physical system not is not exposed to that condition. Frankly, I would leave that one out because speed of sound is much higher at normal elevations. Neural signalling is much slower than light speed, so the only thing you could possibly be referencing would be something like e-m vibrations inside the head. If you could show that neural transmission speed was a related ratio of light speed, you might have a stronger argument. In the end, I think there are better ways to attempt to understand and interact with lower processing levels of the mind where there is more bandwidth and potential hidden talent.

  2. The Food Yogi

    Thanks for this input and I have made that correction about the speed of sound.

    I am not a physicists, but have some basic knowledge. I am using some creative license here as you can see, however, I disagree with your point that syllables have no physical influence. I believe in the science of numerology, as did Pythagorus and that science is based on the idea that numbers and their counterparts, letters, have a quality and not just a quantity.

    In any case, I wrote a poem about the nature of pure sound and tried to relate that to the apparent harmony that exists between light and sound in its purest form. A better person to discuss the mathematics behind this relationship would be Jain, who I have referenced.

    Thanks again.

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