Surya – I adore Thee

The sun illumines my eyes and heart,
I stand in awe — my legs apart.
My face bathed in the richness of gold,
My heart embraced by seasons of old.

I love thy Surya — the divine orb,
You color my day, my blessed Lord.
You are the one — who dissipates the night,
The one above all — the guiding light.

I praise Thee daily — I honor your love,
You are God’s eye — looking down from above.
How sad that others — fail to see,
Your beauty, compassion, and divinity.

I beg your pardon — for lifetimes of decay,
Or those days I turned my head away.
In ignorance, I groped in Maya’s shadows,
Scrambling, toiling — a suffering mellow.

Oh, how blessed I am — to know you now,
To remember your grace — to that, I bow.
A love forgotten for so many lives,
A story so sad — it makes me cry.

I wish I did not waste in a chore,
I wish I knew — all this before.
But alas, it was not meant to be,
But now I stand in the light — happily.

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