Real friends are friends ALWAYS

Real friends are friends ALWAYS, even if sometimes there is a misunderstanding through electronic media. It amazes me how careless we are sometimes in interpreting what intentions, inflections, or tone of voice, etc, has come with the words we receive through SMS, chat or email.

For example, if you are feeling angry, it is so easy to filter another person’s words as anger towards you. When in reality the person may have just been angry at a situation, and as a friend, is venting that with you, not at you. Similarly, if we feel sexually insecure or have had bad experiences with men or women, if we receive communication from someone who does not have these issues, we may interpret their words as sexually motivated or flirtatious, when in fact they are just trying to be a loving friend.

So my friends, please be careful how you write to your friends. If you are joking, make sure to end your note with an LOL (Laugh out Loud). But if you are upset, best to not write anything until you cool down. However, if you must, make sure the person you are sharing your anger with is aware that it is NOT directed at them. Better yet, pick up the phone and talk to them. SMS, chat and email WILL NEVER replace the power of sound communication. Don’t allow these imperfect mediums to destroy years of friendship. It is silly.

SMS No No’s

SMS in particular is very informal. It’s quick and to the point. Therefore, SMS should never be used for formal invitations or to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend. The casualness of SMS diminishes the credibility and meaning of the message. But this happens way too often. It has happened to me and I am sure it has happened to you. It is always better to talk to the person face to face, or at least over the phone. Remember sound carries so much more information and feeling.

Face-to-face communication

However, although much can be said about the power of sound to carry emotion, there is nothing to compare to in person, face-to-face communication. This is where you get the full story. There is no hiding your intentions. You are like an open book and if you really respect and loved the person as you said you did, then a face-to-face meeting is always best.

So keep in mind the limitations of electronic media. Don’t take it too seriously or filter messages through your own emotional issues if you are on the receiving end. And more importantly, if you have something of value to say to a friend, talk to them. You’ll avoid so much stress, pain and unnecessary waste of time.

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