A poem for Vali — the Vegan Princess

Vali Fuller-Quinn

I know a young maiden called Vali, whose creativity is rather Narly, 
whether she is whipping up fine art, or creating a raw cherry tart, 
she could do it all while jiving to Marley,
Soft and kind, with a brilliant mind, and a heart like molten gold, 
This vegan princess, speaks only of one-ness,
for all animals — her heart is sold.
Animated and funny, with a penchant for bunnies, or a Tiger outfit in May,
She’ll light up your eyes, with a creative surprise —
she has fashioned from things thrown away!
She’s a master of disguise, behind those mystical eyes, for her layers are many and deep,
It is easy to misunderstand, this fine lady so grande,
As a friend, she is one to keep.
A comedian, a crack up, a girl with a leg up, as she stands tall and surveys the world,
Like an eagle with keen vision, and a passionate mission, 
The mighty sun would allow something beautiful to unfurl,
Bringing joy to all, like a doggy with a ball, and a raincloud in a desert-like mind,
This Tiger lotus would bloom, and remove all sense of doom,
as waves of love flooded all of mankind.
It was this golden girl, with a mind like a pearl — so bright and yet so secretive,
who would inspire all people, to stop being “sheeple”
and wake up to a consciousness positive…
That human life was a divine blessing, and a time for undressing — all false ego and ideas of division,
for we are all family you see, and that there can be diversity in unity,
you just have to tune in to Vali-vision!
The reception is great — just turn the dial to May 8, and you’ll get the full show streaming through,
like a broadband from heaven, streaming jackpots of lucky seven,
as good fortune bathes your mind anew.
O’ how fortunate I am, to know this divine blonde maiden — a pink lotus in a pond so dense,
Rising high to greet the sun — yet, her eyes fixed on everyone,
as she stands tall in true elegance.
Beneath the veil of her form, she is far from the norm — a Goddess invoked by a loving Mother.
Together they shine, through hearts so divine,
for their love and compassion is like no other.
I honour you this day, on this blessed 8th of May — perfect numbers for a soul of devotion,
for the number 5 means bhakti — the source of divine shakti,
and the number 8 is wisdom in motion.
Happy Birthday!

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