Nelson Mandela — The passing of a great friend and hero to the world

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) was a great supporter and believer in what Food for Life stood for. He made the above statement at a gathering of 40,000 school children who were invited by Food for Life to a public picnic in Durban. Mr. Mandela was the honourable guest. He later told his colleagues that it was the most wonderful day of his life. To him, the gathering of so many children from diverse backgrounds for a picnic, symbolised what his whole political career had been aiming towards — unity and equality for all. Mr. Mandela was so touched by the joy of the children that he could not contain himself and danced with them for many minutes before giving his touching speech to inaugurate the event. The children were served a vegetarian feast and the day was a grand success.

At the same picnic, Thabo Mbeki (Deputy President of South Africa), commented: 

“FOOD FOR LIFE is the real Reconstruction and Development Programme. The understanding that if I have a plate of food, let me share it with my neighbour . . . let those who are feeling sad come together with us, and together we can share this burden. This understanding should be taken from FOOD FOR LIFE and transmitted to the entire country.”

On this sad day of the passing of a great human being, we bow down to Mr. Mandela and offer our heartfelt gratitude for his kindness, compassion and extraordinary vision. One way to measure the success of your life is to see how many people’s lives you have improved just by you having lived. Well in Mr. Mandela’s case, we can see he achieved that measure of success many millions of times over. God bless him!

Source: Food for Life Global

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