Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity (POEM)

Juliana with her beloved “Yogi” the dog
Juliana, Juliana, your heart and eyes shine bright,
as your ginger-tinged hair lights up the darkest of nights,
Juliana, Juliana, your desires are passionate and bold,
and for some uncanny reason, you never grow old. 
Juliana, Juliana, I am blessed to hold your hand, 
of one fine damsel desired by many a man.
Juliana, Juliana, thank you so much for all…
your kindness, caring, and patience for this silly ol’ Paul.
Juliana, Juliana, you’re the mother of many babies, 
cows, cats, chickens and a whole bunch of puppies.
Juliana, Juliana with determination like the sun,
Hindering your goals is not possible for anyone.
Juliana, Juliana, I am so impressed by you,
And I am certain the divine Lord and Lady are too
Juliana, Juliana, carrying heavy bags of food,
Just to see wagging tails and to enrich their mood
Juliana, Juliana, your ‘children’ love you to death,
how can they survive without your sweet loving breath?
Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity…
of how to love unconditionally devoid of species inequality
Juliana, Juliana, all animals are your friend, 
Like Saint Francis before you, who gave till the end.
Feeling their pain and sadness, in a world of hate,
you are there to befriend them before it is too late. 
Juliana, Juliana, you’re a vegan goddess divine, 
Not a single quality in you can be considered dirty or swine,
On the contrary, I’ve discovered a chest full of jewels,
inside the most magnificent heart landscape bereft of all fools. 
Happy Birthday! 
(c) 2014 Paul Rodney Turner

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