The Lover Divine (POEM)

The Golden Avatar, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
What is that Name — the One of infinite fame?
A name that inexplicably — always remains the same.
Throughout our sojourn — of lives untold,
For millions of births — our soul was sold.
As we happily ignored, the signs of light,
Time was our keeper — our constant fright,
And our dear Friend witnessed — our fall to disgrace,
But alas, through sound, we found His grace,
And so I earnestly plea, and to my friends I proclaim,
“In this incarnation — I will embrace that Name,”
Sankirtana is the means — to realise your soul,
And spiritual equality will make you feel whole,
Your soul will enter pastimes — of that Lover Divine,
Embracing your soul — and make you feel so fine…
the love you so desired — and searched for all around,
is within the holy Name — a true treasure to be found!
Having chosen mundane pleasures to illuminate our night.
our determination fixed — in a sorry and sad plight,
Of endless frustration, inside caverns of soul torture.

Enslaved by lust — our minds would run faster.
Towards a horrid darkness — of ignorant bliss,
Oh how many opportunities have we missed?

As we transfixed our minds on a foolish rat race,
Of confusion and doubt as we tried to save face,
Not knowing our real Lover was all so very near.

A Name so beautiful — a truth to revere,
Accessible by all, transcending all bounds,
No other love so powerful — will ever be found.

So give up all speculation — and all things swine,
Raise your hands high and bathe in the divine,
For the song of God — will release you from chains,

For those Names have been gifted by a man not insane…
But a saint of high order — who came to give love,
The Golden Avatar Chaitanya — who descended from above.

“There is no other way,” He emphatically decreed,
Preaching: “unity in diversity” — was His diplomatic plea,
No one is excluded — He made them all conform

As Name unfolded, into the most divine form,
Progressing further — It will manifest quality,
Until that day — chanting embraces lila activity

In a special way — that only you can define,
for no will be like you since the beginning of time.
Your individuality will rule throughout your ascent,
And reaching perfection — will be no accident.
It’s time to accept that divine Love — that was always there,
waiting patiently for you — to notice from where…

And was always within you — encased in pure sound,
The language of the heart — resonating so profound,
Is the Holy Name of God — as it removes all the grime,

and a humble soul within — tries to make sense in rhyme,
of the reasons he hesitated, and ignored that holy Name,
Of the Lover Divine — of infinite fame.
Radhanath Swami, a follower of Chaitanya

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