If only more of us took the time to praise others

Praise goes a long way

We need to work harder to see the good qualities in others and let them know how much we admire and appreciate them. We’ve become accustomed to finding faults in others because it takes the focus away from our own faults. This is the same reason why bad news sells. By focusing on the suffering, pain, and misfortune of others, we take the focus away from our own shortcomings, which makes us feel better for the moment. But if we take the time to praise others and look for and highlight the beautiful qualities they possess, we enrich them with self-confidence and encourage them to be the best they can. Simultaneously, we will also feel enriched seeing the happiness on their faces.To serve and please another living being is the innate quality of the soul. It is what gives us life. Service is like breathing. We need it, and yet, foolishly we hold our “breath” and pretend we are independent like a stubborn child seeking attention. We are interdependent spiritual beings and unconditional loving service is what defines us. Praising another person is another form of service. Embrace this natural quality we all share and make a better world. It all starts with one person and this is a lovely example of just that.

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A Radical New Teaching Method
Compliments and high fives go a long way in classrooms.
Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, November 19, 2015


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