Nityananda, Nityananda, can you pick up the phone? (POEM)

Nityananda Nityananda, your love knows no bounds,
Nityananda Nityananda, you chant the holiest of sounds,
Nityananda Nityananda, ever since I called out your name,
my dry and boring life has never be the same.
Nityananda Nityananda, can you pick up the phone?
This lowly traveller wants to get back in the zone
Of higher consciousness and love — in a world so out of shape
Please, I’ll be quicker than it takes you to squeeze a red grape
Nityananda Nityananda, your kindness does rule
Every so-called holy man needs to attend your school
Nityananda Nityananda, with feet like a milion moons
Only you can soothe the scorching desert of empty pious boons
Nityananda Nityananda, is that you picking up the phone?
I can feel your sweet presence like a dog to a bone
“Yes weary traveller, how can I help you today?”
I’m lost for words now, I don’t know what to say
Nityananda Nityananda, “Yes, that is my name”
Dear sir, most kind one, of legendary fame,
I just wanted to hear your voice and know you are real,
To put a feeling to your name and sound to your feel
“My dear child, I am here for you, like a father to his son
Never doubt me for a second, oh fortunate one
Many flounder in this realm and never even try to call
So be proud you had the courage, my dearest Paul”
They also call me Priyavrata, or one who is dear to discipline
“Yes, I’m quite aware, my son, you do like to listen.
But your name ‘Paul’ is good too, like a flower to the sun
You are the servant of God; you are the little one”
Thank you, dear Sir, for reminding me of my call
I promise You this, that I won’t drop the ball,
And waste this opportunity like some drunken fool,
I’ll continue to listen and learn in the Sankirtan school
Thanks for taking my call and giving me your time,
As I painstakenly try to capture this event in rhyme,
I feel peaceful and satisfied, knowing you care for my soul
Your sweet voice, my Lord, has filled a gaping hole
Nityananda Nityananda, I call your name once more
With even more devotion than I had before,
Nityananda Nityananda, you are so wild and free,
Free to love, free to dance, bathing us all in ecstasy!
Who is Lord Nityananda ?

(c) 2014 Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das)

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