A prayer to Little William (POEM)

Little William, Little William,
The little man of iron.
Although cloaked as a boy,
Your heart roared like a lion

Your demeanor so cute,
and yet your presence so tall.
One could only wonder,
where you got such balls!?

Challenging anyone,
who came your way.
With a stiff upper lip,
You demanded they pay.

Walking and talking,
like a man of fame;
it made us wonder,
“What was in your name?”

Little William, Little William,
you were a king of boys;
so courageous and bold,
and a bringer of joy.

We’ll miss you dearly,
and yet we know you’re ok —
for the Lord is your shepherd,
on this joyous day.

You’re now free of pain,
so your soul can fly high —
to the heights of divinity,
into the spiritual sky.

Where life is eternal,
full of bliss and wisdom;
a fitting place for a “King,”
without a Kingdom.

Where every word is a song,
and every step a dance,
and selfless love,
is the currency of romance.

A place from where,
we all once were,
but somehow forgot,
in this endless blur…

Of bodily games,
in a world of names,
seeking fortune and fame,
in this temporary plane.

Little William, Little William,
your love lives on.
We now understand,
That you’ve not really gone.

You’ll always be with us,
in a loving bond,
that transcends time,
and succeeds beyond…

This mortal frame,
that covers the “soul”,
for our love is eternal,
and you’ve made us whole.

We look forward to that day,
when we’ll meet once more,
and hear your challenge,
and that lion roar.

And get to know “you”,
the real William of “soul,”
the little man inside the boy’s body,
the one that made us whole.

Little William, Little William,
please accept my prayer,
may the Lord bless you always,
for you are a soul so rare!

by Uncle Paul

(Little William Harris passed away on April 17th, 2011


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