A poem for Bhimal — a blessed birth

You were conceived in Nepal — in room 433
At exactly 3:44 am — it was mangal arati.
An auspicious time — Lord Brahma’s divine hour, 
We prayed for a yogi of considerable power…
A devotee of God — a servant and sage,
Someone that could do wonders in this dreaded iron age.
We chanted and prayed — and hoped for the best,
While Juliana ate healthy food on this noble quest. 
When we heard the good news, that you’d entered her womb,
We knew this was some kind of transcendental boon.
Throughout the pregnancy, I sang songs and harinam
I read Krishna book and talked about the animals on the farm.
You seemed to appreciate — my warm soothing voice, 
As you kicked mommies tummy — we all did rejoice. 
But there were scary moments — we had along the way,
Corporate nurses and doctors — hell-bent on dismay…
Misread the fetal monitor, fueling doubts about your heart,
They told us you had arrhythmia — it tore mommy apart.
But it turned out, you just had hiccups — a normal irregularity,
Something many babies have — it was a moment of clarity.
And then the day came — to enter this material world, 
To abandon the safe haven of your mother’s warm whorl.
We prepared the room with flowers and sweet herbal scents,
and played kirtan all day to welcome your descent.
Your mother strained and cried — while I massaged her back,
Reassuring her with kind words and feeding her snacks.
She was a champion throughout — so strong and one-pointed,
There was no denying this woman of a baby anointed.
And then you appeared — at exactly 10:25 at night
after 20 hours of labour — your appearance gave us a fright.
For you were initially limp, totally white and lifeless,
Exhausted from the labour — you had lost all your breath.
But with loving caresses, from your mother and midwife,
Suddenly you awoke — and came roaring back to life.
You let out a cry — letting us know you’re ok, 
Finally, it was time to celebrate — your actual birthday! 
I jumped in the pool, to join you and your mother, 
I could now finally tell your sister — she had a little brother. 
Your name would be Bhimal — a pure son of Jagannath, 
You will walk with confidence and teach the bhakti path.
Born on the 19th — signifying confidence and pride,
With a double “2” as well — you’ll be an intelligent guide. 
Talkative and psychic — with empathy in tow,
You’ll have things to teach the world — and let everyone know…
That we’re all brothers and sisters — animals and humans allied, 
“This world needs unity — for we’re all souls inside.”
With a middle name of Fox — signifying Xfiles and cunning, 
You’ll have a way with words and will always be forthcoming.
Surrounded by animals — at your mother’s sanctuary, 
Your situation is unusual and extraordinary.
A place you’ll learn — from the day you are born, 
That all animals deserve respect — and not eaten or worn.
Your mother hopes you’ll be — a servant and devotee, 
To carry on her mission — she hopes you’ll agree. 
Your daddy hopes you’ll be a yogi — a master of your tongue,
to expand Food for Life Global and give prasadam to everyone. 
So thank you for making us — a happy family, 
a complete triangle accentuated with your sister, Kishori
May the Lord bless you abundantly — to live a life divine, 
to be the best you can always — and to forever shine. 
NOTE: Bhimal was born on December 19, 2015. Today he is 44 days old. 

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