The Colander Call (POEM)

As I wear my colander, I begin to reflect,
on the fact that my head — now does not sweat,
“Oh what a relief,” I shout to the world, 
As my joy reaches the heavens and my soul unfurls.
Like a lovely bud — of a rose heaven sent, 
or the upraised arms of a child to her parent,
My head feels cool and I relax and accept,
that all is well now and I no longer feel inept
My silliness knows no bounds, and it allows me to speak,
what my heart feels today and my mind has kept meek,
I am arising from my shackles — standing strong and tall,
as the winds slide under my wings and my heart calls:
“Dear friends, chill out, stop worrying today,
Wear your colander proudly — and come what may.
Let the ego dissolve — for once in your life,
and rejoice in the UNITY of doing something crazy and trife.”

(c) 2012 Paul Rodney Turner

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