Tinkie’s Poem

There is a lady called Kristine Fuller-Quinn — known as “Tinkie” by her kith and kin —
and anyone else who joins her clan.
She is an angel in disguise — with deep green eyes so wise —
one to rely on if you ever need a hand.
O’ so fortunate we are — to know this heavenly “Rockstar”
— a damsel — not of this world. 

Although she plays her games, and apparently chases fortune and fame —
this “oyster”-like world contains a “pearl”…
Yes — a Goddess of the moon, seeking transcendental boons —
in order to bless the weak and those in need.
Her heart is like an ocean, stirring all kinds of love potions —
as her hand plants rows of “compassion seeds.”
She was aware from a young age, of her calling as muse and mage —
to enlighten the world with love divine.
Using the arts as her wand, she’d create a heavenly song —
and vanish all doubt within your mind…
That you were somehow not blessed, nor deserving of the very best —
no, the “Tinks” would always find…
Lost ‘treasures’ in your heart, that set you far apart —
from the fodder of a world gone blind. 
Yes, she inspired one and all, but especially Vali, Chris and Paul —
to be the very best they could — in this life.
“You’re amazing,” she would say, on any given day —
she’d cut your despondency with her “knife.”
As she prepared her divine food, and transmuted your mood —
to a world of endless possibility.
Your heart would fill up, like the Tarot 2 of Cups —
and spill out all sense of false humility.
You now stood strong like a lion, your will like hot iron —
convinced of your divine life mission.
Feeling confident and bold, your heart oozing molten gold —
and your focus with laser-like precision.
It was the “Tinks” who brought out your best, like a transcendental alchemist —
cloaked in a robe of “motherhood.”
But we now know, deep down — she was concealing her Goddess crown —
just so that she could do so much good.
On this blessed of days, we rejoice, “hip, hip, Hare!” —
for our life has been honoured by her grace.
If not for her unconditional love, oh just imagine — O’ heavens above —
we’d be stuck in some meaningless rat race.
Thank you dearest “Tinks”, we won’t talk about your age, wink, wink —
for you shine above mundane concerns like a star.
Our focus at this time, is to celebrate you through rhyme — and tell you….
just how absolutely amazing YOU are!

(c) 2012 Paul Rodney Turner

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