A poem for the Maestro – Jayadeva (John) Richardson

Happy blessed day, to the most blessed man, 
who inspires so many and can put you in a trance,
using words of wisdom, cloaked in feelings of love,
as they float very gently down from Vaikuntha above.
He will counsel your heart — and set your soul free… 
from the malice of Maya, and feelings of insecurity,
gently soothing your spirit, with music so sweet,
your attraction will increase for the Lord’s lotus feet. 
If not for Jayadeva, O’ how lost we’d all be,
floundering like dry fish — in mundane reality,
not knowing our chorus, nor the beat of our soul,
we’d find ourselves cooking on oil so old…
That the smell would be offensive and cast a sorry spell,
as our consciousness slipped down to the caverns of hell…
from where we couldn’t hear, the song of the Divine,
nor relish in the ecstasy of prasadam so fine.
But alas, the Maestro, would be waving his magic wand,
demanding hell’s servants to release us from beyond…
the veil of illusion, as it cloaks our inner eye,
and sells our soul to the devil — who professes all the lies…
That we are not worthy of the ‘orchestra’, or privy to the Lord,
And that we are damned eternally to a ‘note’ of discord,
Where we wallow in a pity sludge and busk for bread and pence, 
while the “chosen ones” enjoy the fruits of karma happenstance. 
“Not on my watch,” says the mighty Jayadeva, 
as he marches right up to Maya and kicks her in the ‘cave’
to release all the innocent, from the shackles of her womb,
thus removing all concepts of impending doom.
The Maestro encourages everyone, to sing and happily dance,
to the sound of the Holy Name, as it puts you in a trance,
and the mundane world fades — right before our very eyes,
and the heavens open up, like a lovely vanilla sky…
And the rainbows fall across — the landscape so vast, 
engulfing all those mistakes, we had made in the past,
As the sun breaks through clouds — of a mind now refreshed,
and we hear the ‘orchestra’ of our heart, at its very best. 
As it surges and swings, to the Maestro’s passionate hands,
and unites all ‘notes’ — in a fusion so grand,
and all hearts are gladdened, and no one feels left out,
It is then only, that the Maestro does shout out:
“Thank you everyone for participating in this sing-a-long,
I am very impressed by your confidence that nothing would go wrong,
you gave your hearts gladly, and we could feel it all around,
as the Lord did bless us through transcendental sound.”
Yes, you’re a “Maestro, and we love you very much,
The way you talk, the way you walk and crack jokes and such,
You are so refreshing — and a God-send to us all,
so on this blessed day we thank you, and to your feet we do fall. 
Priyavrata das

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