A warrior of light and a deliverer of love

Note: This lovely poem was gifted to my hear while laying on a beach in Bali one night… 

As the heavens opened up and revealed their soul, 

I remembered so much and knew I was old,
as a soul traveling through this mighty cosmic space, 
there was no need to worry, and no need to haste.
They told me: “Your soul is eternal and you are just like us stars, 
as we bless you tonight from a place very far,
in your tiny world, as you hold tight to her womb
we know you are special and not of ordinary loom…
“You’re an extraordinary thread in a fabric so divine,
as the winds caress your soul like the whirlwind of time,
and the sand beneath your toes, gently grounds you to her side
and the trees that fall around you gently welcome the tide.
“As the stars transform before you and create wonderment,
in your heart and your mindscape, and your soul resplendent,
and knowledge falls upon you like sheaths of wisdom
as your heart soaks it all in and honours thy kingdom —
“A place you have come from — a far away land,
a place that your current mind cannot understand, 
but in your heart you know that, the truth is within reach
as you dig deep, and search valiantly on the mundane beach.
“But with confidence you know that, your time shall come, 
when the knowledge is solidified like the orb of the sun,
as it destroys all ignorance and sparkles on the sand, 
and reveals your divinity beyond the confinements of a man.
“As a warrior of light and a deliverer of love,
you must embrace your noble duty, as it has been ordained from above.
and rise to the occasion of a time that calls forth,
the sovereignty of spirit as you search for true north
“And ascend to your potential, and embrace your divine role,
to always be a helper of others to reach their divine goal,
in doing so you shall open, a channel of healing light,
as it descends from our hearts on this starry night.” 


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