Complete Welfare – POEM

NOTE: I wrote this poem when I was a monk to capture and explain the essence of what Food for Life was. Yes, I have been with the charity a long time, beginning in 1983.
A Vaisnava’s compassion knows no limit, it is said,
“Oceanic and sweet—distinguished as gold, not lead.
Such compassion you’ll not find in the mundane welfare realm,
it emanates from the heart—and has the ability to overwhelm.
Dispelling dryness and insecurity from the hearts of “homeless souls,”
Instilling faith in the faithless—establishing spiritual goals.
Although externally appearing, like many other missions,
the essence we’re preserving—through transcendental vision.
Simply saving shirts (or bodies), neglecting swimmer (the soul),
“is a waste of valuable time,” we are emphatically told!
Our aim is to go deeper—our service personalized,
become expert in both realms, “complete welfare” combined!
No need to be fanatical, our mission is foretold—
“In every town and village,” inundating the young, the poor and the old!
Priyavrata das, 6 December 1991

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