Happy Anniversary Juliana – POEM

On the occasion of our first wedding anniversary (November 22)
My dearest Juliana,
I can hardly believe — a whole year has past,
like a lightening rod — it went so fast, 
You captured my heart — in the blink of an eye, 
As the clouds parted — revealing a starry sky.
And when a heavenly constellation filled my sorry soul, 
I knew, with you, I’d never grow old,
You see, I had a plan — from the very start, 
To never allow us to ever grow apart.
The idea was simple, and yet profoundly wise,
I just knew it would work — I did surmise, 
On the night I proposed — twas an orange colored moon,
A day for lovers — I made you swoon.
I prayed to Goddess Luna — to bless our union,
I asked her sincerely for a holy communion —
Of two good souls — with richly inspired eyes,
And plans to change the world — before “sunrise”… 
Or that time when a new life — would officially begin, 
And souls would depart — to face their sins,
Or rejoice anew — as liberation did call,
Inviting us higher — beyond the ice wall…
Of a world so inflamed — in passion and utter strife,
Veiled in illusion — are many a life,
But most cannot see — just how lucky they are,
To have a human birth — they’ve come so far!
But we both knew well — what fortune we had,
To build a life together was going to be rad.
You with your animals, and me with my yogi food,
Was a winning combination — I had to conclude.
Seeking spiritual equality — for all living forms, 
Just different ways of achieving the exact same reform,
The ultimate goal — would be to create unity,
A world full of love, peace and prosperity.
Behind every great man, stands a woman of note,
A pillar of love — and I do quote…
“Women are made to be loved, not understood”
Said Oscar Wilde, and so he should.
I do find you mysterious — but fun to be around,
But I hope you don’t get tired of this silly old clown,
I really do mean well, even though I mess up, 
Please forgive my mistakes and occasional blowup.
You see, these things come with age — as time whittles away,
The last thing I want — is to waste a valuable day,
So my plan was to stay youthful — as long as I can, 
To avoid those age insecurities — and forever be your man.
I’m actually young at heart — and will never grow old,
All that grey hair you see — is just my wisdom mold.
Yes, I am an eternal youth — masked by human form,
Nothing has changed since the day I was born,
As a couple, we shall live — a modest but noble life,
To love and respect each other as husband and wife,
Until that final sunset — when the stars finally reveal
To that end, my dear, we’ll enjoy our last “meal.”
I love you very dearly — as any sane man would, 
I feel pretty lucky — and I pray to make good,
Of the fortune you’ve bestowed me — to be by your side,
And that is why I walk — with such a confident stride. 
Yes, you give me hope — you fuel my optimism, 
There is nothing we can’t do inside this material prison, 
The walls of limitation — are simply a creation of the mind, 
And this is the life — where the stars are aligned…
To bless us with good fortune — and all things fair and fun, 
Our life will be like — a never setting sun. 
Hold my hand, Juliana — for as many years as you can,
And I promise you everything — as your dutiful loving man. 

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