So today it’s my birthday – POEM

(Sung to the tune of John Lennon’s, “So, this is Christmas“)

 So, today it’s my birthday,

So what can I do?
I’m now one year older…and I want to boohoo,
But it’s time to be happy,
A time to rejoice,
A day to remember…that I have a voice,
To express my opinions,
To say what I feel, 
To love and to cherish…all things that appeal,
So, my heart feels gladdened,
I want to cry aloud,
“I’ve made it one more year”…and for that I’m so proud,

But what is life’s purpose? 
Do we to just live and die?
Or should we investigate…the what and the why?
I believe in evolution,
of consciousness — not form,
Yes, my soul is eternal…and I was not born,
For this, I am thankful, 
To my teacher and brothers, 
Who taught me the Satya…that I’m like no others,
We’re all sole expressions,
of a Superior Godhead,
While remaining still persons…we’re also united,
Simultaneous and different,
And yet united as one, 
The doctrine of Chaitanya…shines like the sun,
Illuminating our consciousness,
With the sound of Harinam, 
My heart soars so high now…on the wings of Sri Ram,
I’m no longer fearful,
Of a thing called, “being dead,”
That ugly grey monster…that hides under my bed.
I now know it’s fiction,
to keep us oppressed,
in a world of illusion…and sensually obsessed,
The “keys” are now with me,
I’ve got the way out,
“Just master the tongue”… I emphatically shout! 
And so, that’s my mission,
To share this simple fact, 
Through practice and precept…my final soul act.

(c) 2015 Paul Rodney Turner
Born on 4 November, 1963
Posting now, because in Sydney, where I was born, it is now the 4th

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