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Grant writing and Social Entrepreneurship for Non-profit survival – My story

When I started my non-profit management career back in 1989 at the New Gokula Farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, I had absolutely no training or experience when it came to fundraising or public relations. I learned the hard way – trial and error with a little help from friends and books. The amazing thing…

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2016 is over — Welcome 2017 — the rise of the citizen journalist

2016 has got to go down as one of the craziest years of our times. Instead of regurgitating all that was wrong with 2016, I will highlight just a couple of things and then look at the positives and how this is tied to the numerology of the year. One thing that stood out to…

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You and I are being manipulated by a biased media

Too many people these days use Facebook’s timeline feed as their primary source of information. Although the idea is convenient it fails dismally on credibility. For one thing, our newsfeed is based on past likes and our faith in our network of friends to share news of value. The problem, however, is that this means…

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If only more of us took the time to praise others

Praise goes a long way We need to work harder to see the good qualities in others and let them know how much we admire and appreciate them. We’ve become accustomed to finding faults in others because it takes the focus away from our own faults. This is the same reason why bad news sells.…

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Complete Welfare – POEM

NOTE: I wrote this poem when I was a monk to capture and explain the essence of what Food for Life was. Yes, I have been with the charity a long time, beginning in 1983. A Vaisnava’s compassion knows no limit, it is said, “Oceanic and sweet—distinguished as gold, not lead. Such compassion you’ll not find in…

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Why are people afraid to donate even one dollar?

I have been running charities since 1989 when I registered by my first non-profit in Australia, called Hare Krishna Food for Life Hunter Valley. Back then I was a monk and while full of enthusiasm, I had much to learn when it came to donor relations. You can’t just expect people to give without asking…

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Keep cursive writing alive and here is why

I’ve always been a fan of cursive writing and at age 18 I took a course in caligraphy. I was the youngest person in the class at the time, so even back then, 1981 the art form was dying out and becoming uncool for teenagers. With the ushering in of the computer age and the…

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Beyonce commits to a Vegan Diet – fan backlash or media hype

Last night Good Morning America announced that Monday morning Beyoncé was going to make an announcement, and we were going to LOVE IT  Source: — Apparently most fans assumed it would be talk of a new album or tour; maybe a big donation to a charity or some other sizzling news like she is pregnant. But…

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Talk at the World Vegan Summit 2015

The mission of the charity I direct, Food for Life Global, is NOT, “feeding the poor” but to UNITE the WORLD THROUGH PURE FOOD. This objective is universal and is based on the principle of spiritual equality as the ultimate solution to poverty and hunger. The inspiration behind Food for Life Global, Srila Prabhupada, told us…

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