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Adventures while traveling

A Poem for Murari

Murari Krishna Das, I know a guy name Murari, that was always in a hurry, but who was reliable as fire is to heat, For he is a strong like a Ram, and English he does understand, and he does play to a classical beat. A prince of the violin, he was one to get…

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Travel Diary of a Food Yogi – March 5 – 10, 2013

March 5  Leaving Gold Coast today at 1pm. I am finally starting my world tour. We had to pass through Melbourne before flying to Perth.  I arrived on time and the director of PAWS, David Reynolds was there on time to collect me. I settled into the Baywater garden house and was very comfortable. The…

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My visit to Damanhur

Ever since learning about Alex Grey’s magical art and his appreciation for Damanhur I became obsessed with the idea of one day visiting. Well, on my recent tour of Europe I got to do just that. It was only for the day, but it was every bit as magical as I imagined. SEE ENTIRE PHOTO…

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My Near Death Experience – What did I learn?

On Monday, July 25 around 3pm, I nearly died in China. Seriously. I was about 30 seconds from death. The hotel I was booking into in Guangzhou had just fumigated the rooms with some ultra toxic mosquito repellent that caused my lungs to collapse. At first it was just a tickle in the throat, but…

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My recent travels – Germany

Phew….I never really got a chance to sit down and write while I was on the road. Germany: I flew to Dresden, Germany for the International Vegetarian Congress which has been held every two years since 1908, except the years surrounding WW1 and WW2. So this year was the 100th anniversary. Dresden is a really…

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Summer Travels

I am traveling a lot at the moment. I just got back from Germany and Prague and before that I spent a lovely 8 days with my daughter, Kishori, in Puerto Rico. Kishori learned how to boogi board. I was so proud of her and also quite surprised. She was so brave. We traveled all…

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