A Man’s Highest Calling

I’m a man with a mission — so don’t be so coy,
You can trust my decisions — and learn to enjoy,
My soul ego is strong now — so I live for that day,
when windmills are turning — and minds are at play…
When impossible factors — are thrown to the side, 
and maidens are dancing to the sound of the tide, 
As waves come a crashing — bringing oceans of hope, 
and moonbeams are glistening on the oil of the soap…
as your body is soaking — in suds that transpire,
and your eyes are a blazing, like heavenly fire,
And your soul is crying — in joyful delight, 
and your demons are banished from the death of the night,
And clouds are parting — as the sun courses through, 
bringing colourful fusions — of all things anew
As you rise like the phoenix — ascending to the light,
rejecting those old ways — and all things that spite,
You’re my inspiration — my love, and my muse,
let inhibitions be undressed — there is nothing to lose.
And I am your mountain — and you are my breath,
Our bodies united — as one to our death.
For I’ve been a virgin — of all things benign, 
So let this happenstance play — invigorate like wine,
And effuse a fragrance — so delightful to touch
In the core of my being — like heaven as such,
But maybe it’s delusion — of a mind in chains?
Or the misguided urgings of a man insane?
No, I’m certain of one thing — so bear with me now, 
As I unfold the mystery — to the holiest cow,
The milk elixir of youth — may bear tigress teeth,
But the winds of dismay — fall beneath my feet,
As I stand strong as a lion — on a mountain top high,
My body, mind and soul will never be denied
Of the love of another — as I search for holy truth,
And I walk chin held high — like the Eternal Youth,
Yes, that is my calling — my right as a “man,” 
To lead, protect and love — you must understand,
It’s not wrong to aspire — for greatness in full, 
To believe in yourSELF, like a red jersey bull,
My confidence supreme — yet humbled by age, 
I know my position — like a well worn sage,
Although I’m not perfect — my love is sincere,
So please play my heartstrings — without any fear
Let the angels call out now — in united sweet song,
As the rhythm of life — moves happily along…
A winding karmic path — of education just right,
As the illumination of soul — emerges from night,
Breaking free from the shackles — of limitation and fear,
Embracing fullness of spirit — and feelings so dear,
Rightfully positioned — in your quest for wisdom
You surrender to the love — of God’s mighty kingdom
A domain not far away — but close to the heart, 
And it is this understanding — that calls us to start…
To go deep within — to look for our light, 
Not out in the heavens — to things out of sight,
The yin/yang union — is truthfulness divine —
The answer to fulfilment — free from all things swine,
The key to happiness — is to change how you see,
By embracing the truth — of spiritual equality!

(c) 2013 Paul Rodney Turner

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