A poem for Gaura Shakti

There is a girl I know called Gaurashakti,
a lady so free-spirited and yet so full of bhakti.
A hairdresser by day, with plenty to say,
because if you mess with her, you’ll be F@#$%y.
Nothing gets past this ginger-haired girl,
not a twist, nor a twirl…
but she’ll light up the room with her trademark grin,
and leave everyone feeling good and laughing.
Gaura doesn’t care, what you may have or have not,
nor does she give a damn for a blemish or a spot.
As long as your straight forward, and are true and sincere, 
she’ll toast your friendship with a non-acoholic beer!
This gregarious girl has shakti on tap,
so you’ll want her in your corner, if you find yourself trapped…
in a whirlwind of craziness and your ship going down,
this damsel of the day spa will come marching to town… 
Waving her hairbrush, while her scissors clickity-clack,
she’ll fashion your hair like you just got out of the sack…
but alas, she’ll turn up the volume with her creative ways,
and transform your hair so you don’t look so gay!
You’ll leave her salon with a cheshire smile,
and walk proud once more, like you’re the Queen of the Nile…
striding forward with confidence, and a heart full of spunk,
you’ll know exactly who to turn to, should you get in a funk.
Her facial expressions are a thing of legend,
Well, that’s what I’m told by her very close friend, 
She’s even so bold to cheekily propose,
to make a Facebook page just on Gaura’s nose!
Oh how fortunate we are to know this hairstyle diva,
it’s probably the closest well ever get to Lord Siva.
But seriously, Gaura’s hair colour is much too light,
and I think she prefers the daytime to the night. 
Plus, Siva has no fashion sense, and his skin is too dry,
and Gaura uses moisturizers, and shampoo she’ll never deny…
no, this ‘bitch’ got style that you can smell from a mile,
just like a 1955 RCA record player dial…
So dial it up, Gaura — let’s celebrate your hair,
dance, twist and twirl today, without a worry or a care…
Today is your day, and no one else deserves it more,
For you’re a true Hare ‘rock star’ and a lovely servant of Gaur. 
Happy Birthday

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