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Food for Life Theme Song

We are Food for Life, we are Food for Life— there is hope in sight, you shall be satisfied. Here is Food for Life, here is Food for Life— please come to our side, we will feed you. A holy man once said: “Everyone should be fed— no one should go hungry within ten miles.”…

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Vedic Hospitality

(How to welcome your guests) Sit right down sir—make yourself at home, my place is yours—I never eat alone. I hope you’re hungry, with a healthy appetite. Allow me to serve, it’ll be all right. Sukta, green salads, bitter and dry, fried potato, fruits and lentil pie, thick yogurt, squash and bananas too! [Guest]: “Will there…

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Spiritual Senses

Atah sri-krishna-namadi na bhaved grahyam indriyaih sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah No one can understand, the transcendental nature— name, form, qualities— pastimes of Sri Krishna Senses are imperfect. Must become spiritual. Through transcendental service, everything is possible. By tasting His prasadam, spiritual vibration— the Lord reveals His person— ultimate sensation    Atah sri-krishna-namadi…

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Spiritual Life Begins with the Tongue

Spiritual life begins— at the tongue, we are told. That wagging piece of flesh, it seems has a mystery to unfold. Vibrating sounds and tasting— two things we all adore. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, we choose a sorry score. Instead of love and submission, lust controls our heart’s desire. Like moths before a fire, no…

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Sad Man Love Song

What is the use of wasting time, Patience is a virtue – I cannot rhyme, I lay my heart upon the bed, Of roses and glass within my head. I know only love, I long to hear – The sound of my lover – my dear, Who is that one that hankers my touch? Who…

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Complete Welfare

A Vaisnava’s compassion knows no limit it is said, “oceanic and sweet — distinguished as gold, not lead. Such compassion, you’ll not find in the mundane welfare realm, it emanates from the heart — and has the ability to overwhelm. Dispelling dryness and insecurity, from the hearts of “homeless souls,” instilling faith in the faithless…

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Surya – I adore Thee

The sun illumines my eyes and heart, I stand in awe — my legs apart. My face bathed in the richness of gold, My heart embraced by seasons of old. I love thy Surya — the divine orb, You color my day, my blessed Lord. You are the one — who dissipates the night, The…

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The Phi of the Maha Mantra

Energy In — Energy Out, “Forbidden fruit” is what it’s all about, Cloaked in a Torus — it reveals its heart, When cut horizontally and two sides set apart. The apple’s seeds — form a perfect Pent, Proportionate to Phi or the Golden Measurement, The signature expression of nature and time, Efficiency of form for…

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A prayer to Little William (POEM)

Little William, Little William, The little man of iron. Although cloaked as a boy, Your heart roared like a lion Your demeanor so cute, and yet your presence so tall. One could only wonder, where you got such balls!? Challenging anyone, who came your way. With a stiff upper lip, You demanded they pay. Walking…

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The Inner Artist (POEM)

By Paul Turner (6/2/2011 Sydney, Australia) The artists’ quest to explore the heart, To learn of Self – sets them apart, From the fodder of public and depravity, Who wallow in arcades of debauchery. Surrendering their souls to the noble truth, That life is for expressing our eternal youth – The Child within that yearns…

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