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My poems

Tamal Krishna Goswami (Poem)

a Vyasapuja offering Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami (1946-2002) A Lion Warrior — within Chaitanya’s school, You stood strong and espoused the Goldren Rule, That one and all — should chant the Holy Name,  and thus you increased the glory and fame… Of the Golden Avatar — in this darkened age, You were a gentleman, scholar…

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2012 Venus transit of the SUN I adore the sand beneath my feet, as winds caress on this sunny Broadbeach, escorting sounds — of Mother Nature divine, and my mind emerges from all things swine. The waves crash — upon the ocean floor, as my soul ascends through an open door… Of expectation and prosperity,…

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The Song of the Food Yogi (POEM)

As the soft blue water folds beneath my feet, I contemplate my good fortune and beg not to repeat, The failures of the past in a journey so long, There’s just too much to tell in this very short song. Holding my hands high, I reach for the sky, personal liberation — I will not…

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The Colander Call (POEM)

As I wear my colander, I begin to reflect, on the fact that my head — now does not sweat, “Oh what a relief,” I shout to the world,  As my joy reaches the heavens and my soul unfurls. Like a lovely bud — of a rose heaven sent,  or the upraised arms of a…

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The Royal Rebel Rambanita (POEM)

The Royal Rebel — Rambanita’s her name, recycling refuse is how she achieved her fame. A reliable friend — and rebellious too, “Well, that’s open for debate” says the Boy in blue. Threading her needle to create something nice,  adding accessories and love to give it some spice. As she weaves her magic — her…

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Jim Young – The Lion Cub (POEM)

(Alan “Jim” Young) aka Nrsimhadeva Das The lion cub, he cuddled, and lived a song, of immense compassion — when things went wrong. Ready to pounce and hug you tight, and hear the dramas of your sorry plight. I remember fondly in 1984, when I first heard your name from the Sankirtan Scores. A roar…

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The Lover Divine (POEM)

The Golden Avatar, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu What is that Name — the One of infinite fame? A name that inexplicably — always remains the same. Throughout our sojourn — of lives untold, For millions of births — our soul was sold. As we happily ignored, the signs of light, Time was our keeper — our constant…

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The boy with the blue crystal (POEM)

The boy with the blue crystal — his face shines, With expectation — like dry lips to wine. A day is dawning — when the sun shall blaze, Within his heart — destroying the haze. Of endless rebirth and the web of mist, That glistens and sticks to a clenched fist, Of resistance and shame…

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Three Modes of Eating

Even food comes in three, don’t you see? There’s a rule that determines quality. Modes of nature—controlling human life, if we don’t learn the science we’re in strife. Pure life, strength, health, and happiness, belong to those in the mode of goodness. Juicy, wholesome, and pleasing to their hearts— enlightened eating, sets them far apart……

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Prayer to Prabhupada

Prabhupada, we are your servants— Food for Life family. Meditation, inspiration— You are everything to me. Prabhupada we’re here to serve you— Your mission is so bold. Save humanity from insanity— No discretion you had told. Prabhupada, you told us clearly— “feed them all your might, “I will pay for, don’t you worry— everything will…

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