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Karma is a bull when there is an unfair fight

As a follow-up to my last blog article about fighting, there is one so-called “sport” that stands out amongst all others as the dumbest, most barbaric, ego-centric display of brutality — bullfighting. This cruel spectacle of blood and gore continues to flourish in Spain, Colombia and other countries. It is presented as a contest of conviction…

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When a woman births a child, she also births a father and the power of prayer.

In a nutshell…my wife is a champion, just like every single mother in the world today and before — all of them are just amazing. To give birth to a child is a miracle and my wife personifies everything that is amazing about mothers. Giving birth to a child is the most powerful experience a…

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How to Serve 2 million meals a day and change the world

My interview on the Yoga Talk Show on July 17, 2014, with Lucas Rockwood. Lucas Rockwood:  “In this Show, You’ll learn: Why Paul is called the “food yogi” and what it means to him. How Food for Life is serving millions of meals to people in need. The easy and hard things of having been…

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Let’s cut to the chase on why there is Animal Abuse

Today I was asked by an 11th-grade student the following: I am currently taking part in doing the Research Project for my school and would like to know if you would be interested in answering the following questions for my research. It is based on animal rights and my question is “should it be illegal…

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Perla the piglet was thrown in the trash bin and left to die

Perla was found in a trash bin and brought to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia. She had a broken leg, but with a little love and care, she is recovering and has been given a second chance. To support the work of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, visit: Or support our new crowdfunding campaign at

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Pola the freedom-fighting pig gets a 2nd Chance at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Pola, the “freedom-fighting pig” is the newest member of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary — the only sanctuary in Colombia. For the last 8 years, Pola was living in utter filth, amongst 180 uncaged hungry dogs who constantly harassed her and sometimes tried to tear pieces of flesh from her body. Sadly, they did eat her tail…

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Beyonce commits to a Vegan Diet – fan backlash or media hype

Last night Good Morning America announced that Monday morning Beyoncé was going to make an announcement, and we were going to LOVE IT  Source: — Apparently most fans assumed it would be talk of a new album or tour; maybe a big donation to a charity or some other sizzling news like she is pregnant. But…

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My interview on Sacred Space TV in Australia (4 part series)

This is part 1 of 4 parts of an interview I gave in Australia at the Melbourne Hare Krishna temple. Forgive the background noises, especially the occasional plane and coughing and kirtan, I did not realize at the time and boy I wish I had. There is one thing I misspoke in part 4. Correction:…

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Talk at the World Vegan Summit 2015

The mission of the charity I direct, Food for Life Global, is NOT, “feeding the poor” but to UNITE the WORLD THROUGH PURE FOOD. This objective is universal and is based on the principle of spiritual equality as the ultimate solution to poverty and hunger. The inspiration behind Food for Life Global, Srila Prabhupada, told us…

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Gifting the Gift of Gratitude

Typically when we think of exchanging gifts it is all about the material acquisition of stuff that at a certain point in time becomes useless stuff and we either throw it away or donate it to a thrift store. But what if we could gift something that never deteriorated in value — something that lived…

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