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The Stain on the Vegan Diet – B12 deficiency. The Solution may Surprise you.

[Updated July 2015 from an original post in April 2014] Bullshit! Yes, actually that’s it. Well, that and cow shit usually referred to as cow dung. You see, despite the obvious merit of choosing to be a vegan, which essentially means avoiding all foods, clothing and products that are the result of animal suffering; and…

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Is Ahimsa Dairy really non-violent?

A while back I was alerted to the fact that the standards of the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation in the United Kingdom was far from non-violent and in fact was supporting practices that were very much violent towards innocent cows. I, like many consumers in the UK, were under the impression that Ahimsa milk was produced…

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12 day Nepal Adventure with the Food Yogi April 3 – 14

Join the Food Yogi for this exclusive trek in Nepal in 2015 I have teamed up with Bohemian tours to put on an exciting trek in Nepal. I have traveled to 65 countries in the last 30 years and have seen so many amazing places and had so many life-changing experiences, including: visiting three war zones,…

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Gandhi’s birthday — What will You Do Today in His Honour?

SOURCE: FFL.ORG Today marks the anniversary of one of the most famous and influential men of the modern era, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, born October 2, 1869. Gandhi was the preeminent leader of Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, he led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom…

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The Teachings of Saint Francis are alive and well in Colombia!

Source: Food for Life Global There are basically two distinct schools of Christian thought: The Aristotelian-Thomistic school and the Augustinian-Franciscan school. The Aristotelian-Thomistic school teaches that animals are here for our pleasure—they have no independent purpose.  We can eat them; torture them in laboratories – whatever we feel is necessary for our survival. Most modern…

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Food Yogi featured chef at Bogota Food and Wine Festival

I was chosen as one of the special guest chefs at the Food & Wine festival in Bogota, Colombia (August 27-31). The festival is held all over the world and has been held in Bogota the last 3 years. There were 40 International chefs to participate in this prestigious culinary festival, but I was the only…

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An Animal Sanctuary that touches the core of what Saint Francis of Assisi taught

I rarely endorse projects that are not my own, so this is one I fully believe in and think is well worthy of support. Check out their web site: And their IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign:

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New Food for Life Documentary Released: Uniting the World Through Pure Food

The world’s largest plant-based food relief has a unique mission — the solution for world peace. This new documentary features some of the primary feeding programs the charity has around the world, including the Food for Life Annamrita midday meal project that feeds school children across India. Currently Food for Life Global affiliates serve up to 3 million meals daily…

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The Food Yogi INTERVIEWED on the YOGA TalkSHOW

EPISODE 108 How to Serve 2 Million Meals on a Daily Basis and Change the World If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element Prefer to download? Download  Email This Paul Rodney Turner, the “Food Yogi” is the international director of Food for Life and the co-founder of Food…

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How to make a healthy snack bar for your children

As parents, we cringe sometimes when our kids ask us for a particular snack bar that we know is not really as healthy as advertised. In fact, this is the case for the majority of health bars in the supermarket. Most are filled with artificial flavors, corn starch or fake fruits. So how do you make…

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