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A cheeky way to make stupid people shut up

Elucidating systematically, from a diametrically-opposed paradigm, I opine — albeit — ostentatiously, that your fundamental cerebral faculties, including the Wernicke’s and Broca’s area of the left hemisphere, are abhorrently inept in fathoming the amplitude and luxuriance of this consummate grandiloquent proclamation of unparalleled eloquence. (c) 2012 Paul Rodney Turner The above statement is a revised…

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The Song of the Food Yogi (POEM)

As the soft blue water folds beneath my feet, I contemplate my good fortune and beg not to repeat, The failures of the past in a journey so long, There’s just too much to tell in this very short song. Holding my hands high, I reach for the sky, personal liberation — I will not…

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The Colander Call (POEM)

As I wear my colander, I begin to reflect, on the fact that my head — now does not sweat, “Oh what a relief,” I shout to the world,  As my joy reaches the heavens and my soul unfurls. Like a lovely bud — of a rose heaven sent,  or the upraised arms of a…

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Privacy is dead and our freedom is soon to follow

In the Age that we are entering, every person must regain his or her sovereignty, and in so doing become as a Pharaoh. The days of charismatic leaders and saviors are over; no one is going to rescue us from the mess we have created. Each of us must step up to the plate and…

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Miss A missed the point

There is this so-called DC Diva who calls herself “Miss A.” (aka) Andrea Rodgers who claims to be a Dating and Relationship Expert. She is also a Columnist for HealthCentral Network’s Her list of accomplishments, notoriety and compassion for the needy is boldly stated on her “About” page. The page shows a picture of…

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