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Personal Pizzas with Rosemary Marinara & Cashew PineNut Cheese
 by Jonny Freesh

Jonny Freesh My good buddy Jonny Freesh has delivered a fantastic new raw food recipe book for those wanting to take their raw food experience to the next level. I have worked closely with Jonny during my visit to Bali last year and got to see his expertise first hand as we shared recipes and…

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6 Day Food Yoga Retreat in Brazil

Join director of Food for Life and “food yogi,” Paul Rodney Turner for a 6 day food yoga retreat in the spectacular Dharma Shala Eco Retreat in Brazil. The ultimate goal of the retreat is to inspire you to live your life more consciously and to make food choices and your relationship with food more…

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Interview on Main Street Vegan Radio show

June 4, 2014 — During my 20 minute radio interview on Main Street Vegan show hosted by Victoria Moran, I discuss Food for Life’s beginning and work, as well as food yoga philosophy. I am the 2nd guest on the show and my interview starts around 14 mins in. GO HERE:

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Uniting the world through pure food – Imagine!

If there is one thing absolute in this world it is that food has the power to unite. And the recent floods that devastated parts of the Balkans is a case in point. People from all ethnicities are reaching out to help their “brothers” and “sisters.” Using the purest food (prasadam) to create peace and…

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Happy Mothers Day – A day to honour ALL MOTHERS, but how?

On this day we honour our mother and all mothers that are near and dear to us by buying them flowers, chocolates or maybe making them breakfast in bed. It is a day to meditate on the unconditional love that our mothers have offered us all these years. However, all these sincere and loving gestures…

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Would you like to help some survivors of the cruel dairy industry?

Paramatma Animal Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in Colombia that protects animals of different species — birds, horses, cattle, dogs, cats and rodents. We are the second animal shelter in all of South American that protects cows. Paramatma currently cares for one cow and one bullock. Gita Our cow, Gita was rescued from a slaughterhouse…

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Think with your brain, not your mouth! Shame on McDonalds

McDonalds latest campaign message is: “Think with your mouth.” But in truth, people don’t think with their mouth or tongue. In reality they allow the tongue to be their master and to dictate what their body needs. It is foolish and the results are grossly evident in the obesity epidemic taking over the world today.…

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We cooked a vegan lunch for the president of Uruguay

The idea of cooking a vegan lunch for the President of Uruguay was something I immediately thought about after my partner Juliana told me about Jose “Pepe” Mujica. She was like a little girl when describing this amazing man. She then showed me youtube videos and translated speeches he had given at the United Nations…

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Juliana, Juliana, you are an example to humanity (POEM)

Juliana with her beloved “Yogi” the dog Juliana, Juliana, your heart and eyes shine bright, as your ginger-tinged hair lights up the darkest of nights, Juliana, Juliana, your desires are passionate and bold, and for some uncanny reason, you never grow old.  Juliana, Juliana, I am blessed to hold your hand,  of one fine damsel…

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Food for Life Director featured in AUSTRALIAN YOGA LIFE

First printed Australian Yoga Life and put the Nourishing the soul Sitting on a beach in Sri Lanka at the beginning of his world tour earlier this year, Food For Life (FFL) Global director Paul Rodney Turner was quietly reflecting on his life journey. “I pondered why I find myself travelling so much?” he…

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