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NOW is all that really matters

When I awoke today I laid in bed and spent many hours just going over past childhood memories, looking for answers for what made me the person I am today. The exercise was certainly interesting, and yet despite how hard I tried, all I got were mostly the same old memories. I visualized myself walking…

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Ch Ch Ch Changes – How to stop rebirth

“This material world is not a fit place for a gentleman,” explained Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami. “This whole material world is like a stool house,” he said. “You don’t loiter around, you just come in, do your business and leave.” This somewhat gross metaphor could be easily misunderstood and seen as a callous and irresponsible view of…

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Are you seeking blessings? The answer is closer than you might think

I owe everything to my teachers. I am indebted to all the Angels, Guides, plants, animals, people and gems that have come into my life to bless me. I thank you. I honor you with all my heart and soul. If only I could repay you for the debts I have incurred in begging your…

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My Angel

My Angel, I will call you Joy, because that is the name I remember from my dream the other night. You came to me lovingly and placed your warm hands to my face and asked me to relax and breathe. I did as you said, and soon we were both flying through the sky —…

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Knowledge filters – We all have them

I’ve been reading some interesting books lately and one consistent theme that keeps popping up in a variety of ways is the concept of paradigms and knowledge filtering. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all fall prey to these mundane influences. Let me explain… A paradigm is a philosophical and theoretical framework…

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God in quality not in quantity

I see a lot of people these days in the conscious community claiming to be God. Yes, we are qualitatively like God, but certainly not in quantity. In other words, our divinity is limited or “marginal”. According to the Vedas, the fact that we are prone to illusion proves that we are limited. If we…

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Know your self, give love and be free once and for all

So much has happened since my last post. It seems like a year ago that I was in Germany and Prague enjoying the Summer with some fabulous veg friends. Now we are in the middle of Winter in DC and I yearn for warmer weather. I remember Swami Prabhupada once said that the bitter cold…

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Spirituality without Religion

Spirituality is simply being your true self — connecting with your divine source and bathing in the loving energy exchange that is constantly taking place. Religion is basically just following the laws of God — to act in such a way to prepare our consciousness for divine thought and expression. The rituals of religion are…

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The Loving energy that connects us all

Originally posted 4/8/2008 I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about healing and the quantum physics connection. A couple of weeks back I attended a talk by ADAM, the famous young dreamhealer from Vancouver. Adam was in New York for one day to give a presentation and a group healing at the Airport Sheraton…

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