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My poems

The Girl with the red dress (POEM for my daughter)

The girl with the red dress, turned 16 today, I honestly don’t know whether to laugh, cry or say “hip, hip, hooray!” because with every cycle of the sun, my hair turns more grey,  and frankly, getting old and useless is not something I pray. However, to see my daughter shine and blossom like a…

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My wish list for 2014

May this year bring me closer to my authentic self,  May this year help me stand tall and not as an elf,  May the sun of good thoughts cross my mind everyday,  May the clouds of doubt and doom run far away. May my daughter Kishori be happy and strong,  May her soul soul sore…

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The Wisdom of Hindsight POEM

Jaggy, my darling, so sweet and kind, With piercing brown eyes and an inquiring mind,  You enter my soul, deeply, and tickle my heart,  and make me never want to leave you, or be far apart… From your loving embrace, on a cold Winter’s day,  or your caresses on my neck, during the warmth of…

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Challenges make your love stronger

What doesn’t kill you — will make you strong I console myself, as I write this song… A song of the heart — hardened over time, That longs for loving — through romantic rhyme… And the sweetness of affection, on a Winter’s morn,  And the sunflower’s blessing, as a new day dawns, And the caress…

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A poem for Jaggy

Dear Jagannath Priya, devi dasi you are, A lover of animals, like a benediction star, And those you allow to come into your world,  You nurture and love them, like an oyster does a pearl. O’ how lucky I am to, have met you this time,  when my heart is so open for romantic rhyme…

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A poem for my sister

There’s a divine maiden called Janaki, aka, Julianne — the spunky,  who leaves trails of gold dust in her wake,  for if you ever get to meet her, you’ll praise her like the geeta, and reminisce it like a hot-cross bun bake. Loyal and kind, with a brilliant mind, and a heart filled with pools…

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A Poem for Kishori

Kishori Priya Turner and “GT” There is a girl called Kishori, who can tell a personal story, of her struggle to find her true voice, As she patiently slayed, all demons of dismay, The angels would praise her choice… To remain in the light, like a candle burning at night,  although her mind flickered in…

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A warrior of light and a deliverer of love

Note: This lovely poem was gifted to my hear while laying on a beach in Bali one night…  As the heavens opened up and revealed their soul, I remembered so much and knew I was old, as a soul traveling through this mighty cosmic space, there was no need to worry, and no need to…

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A poem for Vali — the Vegan Princess

Vali Fuller-Quinn I know a young maiden called Vali, whose creativity is rather Narly,  whether she is whipping up fine art, or creating a raw cherry tart,  she could do it all while jiving to Marley, Soft and kind, with a brilliant mind, and a heart like molten gold,  This vegan princess, speaks only of…

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A poem for the Maestro – Jayadeva (John) Richardson

Happy blessed day, to the most blessed man,  who inspires so many and can put you in a trance, using words of wisdom, cloaked in feelings of love, as they float very gently down from Vaikuntha above. He will counsel your heart — and set your soul free…  from the malice of Maya, and feelings…

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