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My poems

The Dramatic act of Life

Whatever comes to my mind, is a funny kind of bind, When your heart feels blind, but then you remind, Your SELF, that it’s all ok, even though, just the other day, You had to pay, for a previous melee, when you chose the wrong way.
 As your mind danced, in that madman party, Jiving…

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A Poem for Murari

Murari Krishna Das, I know a guy name Murari, that was always in a hurry, but who was reliable as fire is to heat, For he is a strong like a Ram, and English he does understand, and he does play to a classical beat. A prince of the violin, he was one to get…

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A poem for Manju

Manjumedha (“Manju”) with her husband, Subhadra (“Su”) There’s a lady we call ‘Manju’ — a devoted dasi of Visnu, and the faithful wife of a boy we call “Su.”  They’re a barrel of fun – and united as one, just like soy sauce and a nicely braised tofu. She’s a culinary queen — for there’s…

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A poem for Gaura Shakti

There is a girl I know called Gaurashakti, a lady so free-spirited and yet so full of bhakti. A hairdresser by day, with plenty to say, because if you mess with her, you’ll be F@#$%y. Nothing gets past this ginger-haired girl, not a twist, nor a twirl… but she’ll light up the room with her…

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A Poem for Grace

There’s an angel called Grace — so pretty in lace,  especially when she wears her felt hat, With her infectious smile, she drives all men wild, but it’s her dignity that’s a matter of fact. She’s not your ordinary girl, with a flutter and a swirl, no, this damsel stands alone, As a lover of…

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A Man’s Highest Calling

I’m a man with a mission — so don’t be so coy, You can trust my decisions — and learn to enjoy, My soul ego is strong now — so I live for that day, when windmills are turning — and minds are at play… When impossible factors — are thrown to the side,  and…

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Tinkie’s Poem

There is a lady called Kristine Fuller-Quinn — known as “Tinkie” by her kith and kin — and anyone else who joins her clan. She is an angel in disguise — with deep green eyes so wise — one to rely on if you ever need a hand. O’ so fortunate we are — to…

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Cherry Venus Goddess Delights (POEM)

There was a young maiden called Keeta,  whose legendary kindness made you want to meet her.  She would melt you with her grin, as you knew she’d always win,  for it was impossible to ever defeat her! Whether researching herbal fusions, or dispelling all illusion,  her magical ways would lighten all hearts.  As she danced…

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Unconditional Love – New Moon (POEM)

Winter Solstice, Stonehenge, England. The new moon is dawning — evoking a new love, as the angels look down from their heavens above. It is a time for renewal — a time to grow, a time to sow seeds — and a time to glow. Give up all past memories — of failure and scorn,…

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Dealing with Life’s Poker Games

  A poem for all the single men who have had their heart broken or have been disrespected. I stand my ground — and claim my rights, to discard all disrespect and petty fights, to raise the bar — of honor and dignity, and not degrade myself through false humility. Yes, there’s a time to…

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